NEW: Experimental GPU deinterlacing on Apple TV 4K

In the latest TestFlight beta (v7.8.2204) v4.0.0 release we've added a new setting:

Settings > Playback > Deinterlacing > Experimental

Turning this on will enable a new deinterlacer we've been working on which uses Apple's Metal.framework. It implements an advanced motion-compensating algorithm directly in the GPU, and works with both the Default and Experimental video drivers.

We've tested on the Apple TV 4K and it works quite well, producing a very high quality image at 60fps.

The Apple TV HD (with A8 GPU) unfortunately is not fast enough for this feature, so the Experimental option is not available on that device.

Try it out on your interlaced channels and let us know how it works for you below!


Enabled it on my 4K AppleTV and it looks good so far.
Thanks for your work making Channels even better and better. Very much appreciated.


So far so good with having this turned on.

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Although this is moot for me because Comcast now transcodes everything except The Weather Channel to 720p... this is still great! And it will certainly help a lot while watching SD channels.

(If for whatever reason you're looking for more video processing feature requests... judder reduction for 24fps content on 30fps TVE channels would be really cool)