New Fire TV 4K issue


Just got my new fire TV 4k and everything seemed ok until it froze and stopped playing live TV twice in the last couple hours. We were watching Hallmark channel.

Running latest 2.1.0 software and the fire TV 4k is also up to date.. I also submitted a diagnosis report a few minutes ago.


Logs show HDHR stopped sending video.

Does it happen with OTA channels, or with premium channels in the official HDHR app?


It hasn't happened with OTA, yet. I haven't tried the HDHR app yet, but I will.


I just submitted another log because of the app hanging. This time I was watching History Channel and it just stops playing and sits there, I try to back out to the guide and it just continues to sit there. I have watched quite a bit of OTA and it doesn't happen while watching that.

So, I'm still having these issues.

*Also, I have watched the same channels using the HDHR app and I haven't been able to duplicate the problem.


Log shows that your ftv is losing the connection to the HDHR. Could be either due to network/WiFi issues or due to antenna signalz


I'm hard-wired with gig ethernet and the OTA signal is fine. I'm only having issues with the Premium TV channels and I've been watching the Premium TV using the HDHR app with no problems.


You could check the stats on


I don't see anything on the stats page that jumps out. I have taken everything off the network, except a new computer, and it's still doing the same thing, I will put a call into my ISP as soon as I can and request they look at the line/connection and see it they can spot anything,

Thanks for the help!