NEW: Improved Apple TV support for HDMI-CEC and Bluetooth remotes

Devs can correct me if needed but I don’t think so. I think Bluetooth connectivity is required to send the key code.

I am not using a Harmony remote at all. But I tried the CC button on my Sony TV remote and it works perfectly with Channels DVR to turn on and off CC in one click. So you could perhaps try to have your Harmony send the TV's CC button and see what happens.

Any progress on this?

Yes, thanks, that works on my bedroom Sony TV, but that’s a simpler setup where I typically just use the AppleTV remote.

The issue is with my 75” Samsung TV in the living room, which has a much more complicated array of devices. I use the Harmony 650 remote in that room. And unfortunately the Samsung remote’s CC button doesn’t toggle Closed Captions, instead it pulls up the TV’s accessibility menu :-/

That's too bad. I am starting to really dig the Sony TV's remote for my daily driver with Channels and Apple TV in general. It also handles the only other device I have which is a BluRay player. I have noticed that our bedroom Sony is a year older its buttons aren't layed out quite as perfectly, but pretty close. The only bad thing about the Sony is that it has some other buttons that take you into Google TV so have to just avoid them. But the TV button will bring you back.

Have you tried the updated testflight builds? It should have been fixed.

There's no way to do this at the moment.

One option now available via the latest testflight: you can enable subtitles on the TV using an iPhone or iPad via the Control Center (or Home screen) remote widget.

Yes, working there. I need to remember to check there. :slight_smile:

4.0.4 is available on the App Store with the fix

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I'm sure this was initially working correctly, but now it seems like the channel up/down keys while in the Guide are paging more than one page forward and back, so some of the channels get skipped. Are others seeing this?

Is there a command to set on the harmony hub for previous channel? I’ve got everything else working flawlessly but didn’t see a command for previous channel

Pressing play twice will return to previous channel, I believe. So you can create a macro for that and assign it to a button.

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That worked. Thank you!

I setup a Sony remote and everything seems to work perfectly except channel changing. If I press the channel up/down keys it skips two channels instead of one. Is there a way to fix this?

The Sony remote also moves more than a page in the Guide when you hit Channel up or down.

Has anyone tried this or had any success in this area. I've played with the 2 methods suggested here a few times with no luck.