New internet modem /gateway

Hey Y’all - I hope someone can help me. I installed channels DVR several years ago and been using fine ever since. Our internet gateway/modem to whatever you call it went out and we had to get a new one…channels doesn’t work so I am assuming we have to change a setting somewhere…has anyone been through this before or have any advice? I appreciate it. Thanks!!

Which part is not working? What is happening exactly?

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Well…I am working remote from my tv and my partner is home…he has the internet up and running and I cannot connect to the channels DVR remotely. Everything auto connected to the Wi-Fi and internet when he started up the new gateway except channels. The HDHomeRun is even running and working. The name and password of the Wi-Fi stayed the same.

Meant to say I am working remote from my rv

Did you setup port forwarding on your new router for Channels?

There was a similar issue a few months ago.
Try these steps suggested by @tmm1

Okay. I will do this…thanks so much

And please remember to use your own IP address where it referenced