New Recordings and Library views in web admin

Noticed not all recordings are displayed using DVR>Manage>Recordings>Shows.

Also some Imports do not have an Option dropdown to select;
View Details
Refresh Metadata
Regenerate Video Index
Fix Video Timestamps
Redetect Commercials

The same ones missing that Option dropdown are also missing it in the view Library>TV Shows

One example

Options missing1
Library>TV Shows

Thanks! This is still a work in progress.

This is a good catch. This looks like it's because it's a special. We've had to deal with this trickiness in the past. Also, we'll be making sure the options show up for movies soon.

For the example you gave, I'd highly suggest putting that in Movies, not TV as there's just a single episode.

It only shows the last 50 recordings. If you scope the recordings by show, it shows all of the recordings for that show.

The reason for this is large libraries will essentially be insanely slow to load and the web page won't be very stable. Since this view exists for managing recordings, we think showing the last 50 recorded items is suitable. We will be investigating a pagination button though so that at the end of the list, you could request more recordings.

Thanks. Does that mean I need to move all 143 Specials I imported (ouch!) to their own directory under movie imports?

FIXED: top-level Specials directory in your tv import location will be imported in as separate shows

OK. Now that I know it works for me :grin:

Strange. The imported special 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' shows the Options
Options exist

Can you submit diagnostics? I'll take a look.

Just submitted 91f86a79-e385-47f4-a943-d2fb6aa49d86

I'm sure you probably know this, but I didn't until I did a little digging.
The Specials and Series Episodes that don't display the Options button are those with no tms ProgramID.
I found out because I have one episode of an Imported show that I can't match, so it has no ProgramID in its files json.
100 Days Wild Episode Off Grid & Under Pressure

Also, 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' doesn't have a ProgramID even though I used SH000527390000 to match it.

'A Charlie Brown Thanskgiving' has ProgramID SH011049230000 in its files json.

OK, with the newest pre-release, you should now see the options button for these cases.

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Thanks. Pre-release 2021.02.24.1640 now shows Options dropdown!