New recordings not showing up in iOS apps

I noticed an apparent bug on IOS. I recorded a few movies yesterday and they are showing in the TVos app, but not in the iOS app on my Iphone or Ipad.

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Update: Tv shows that have been recorded are showing up, but not movies.

Where are you looking

Apologies for the delayed response.
Using the channels ios app, under the library section, under recordings. I can see TV show episodes that have been recorded, but for some reason, any movie that was recorded isn't showing in the IOS app. The movies and tv shows that have been recorded show up on the TVos app and in the web interface, but not in the IOS app.

This was a bug with a recent big change. Thanks for shouting it out!

This has been resolved in the latest TestFlight beta:

Awesome! Thank you! You guys are always so quick when it comes to stuff like this!

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I keep checking back to this thread for any updates on this problem and it claims to have solved it. I keep downloading the most recent update and am now running 2023.07.06.1740 on my server and multiple AppleTV's for my three televisions along my iPad and iPhone. But the updates have still NOT returned my list of recording back to what it used to be. Right now In only see a list showing TV shows recorded "Over A Month Ago" and anything that happened to be recorded today. Nothing else... Nothing from previous days or last week. I really miss see my list in reverse chronological order, the way it had always been displayed. Now I have to search to find recordings I made two days ago or last week. I WANT MY RECORDINGS LIST BACK THE WAY IT WAS!

The fix is part of the TestFlight builds available at

So I have to run an experimental version that is good for 90 days, and jump through a bunch of hoops to install it so I can get back what I used to have with the normal version? How long until this fix will be available on the everyday version that downloads and installs automatically?

Is this problem caused by changes in the server software or the apps running on my Apple devices?

The fix mentioned in this topic is for recorded Movies not showing up and is a iOS client app update.

If you're having recorded TV shows not appearing on Apple TV, there is another topic discussing that here. Recent Channels versions not showing an up-to-date recordings list