NEW: Remote DVR Access on tvOS


Trying to get this working so I can use my ATV4 during our trip to Bali =D

Completely untested, but the latest tvOS beta adds the necessary code for remote access. Enabling it is a bit hacky still, since I didn’t get a chance to wire up a UI. Here are the steps:

  1. Find the IP address of your Apple TV
  2. Launch the app, go to the Settings tab
  3. On your phone or computer (which is on the same network), visit http://IP-OF-ATV:57000/auth

This will ask you to login, and show the same authorization page. Click Authorize, and you should see the ATV refresh itself with the remote DVR details.

You can sign up for the beta automatically by just clicking this link.


Awesome. Anyway to get in on the TVOS beta?


I love how committed you are to the project. You appear to really enjoy playing with Audio Video and exploiting the most you can from it.


You can sign up for the beta automatically by just clicking this link.


You are the best, I’m trying to do it but on my phone when I click to authorize dvr access it stays loading and on my macbook it says (apple-tv.local’s server DNS address could not be found.)

Thank you for your hard work.


You might need to use a mac or iOS device that can do bonjour lookups. I assume you’re using a windows machine.


Oh you said phone… hmm.

Try changing the URL its accessing to replace apple-tv.local with the IP of your ATV again.


I’m on my mac


I put the ip and when I click change back to apple-tv.local




Ok, I manage to authorize the dvr but when I click authorize the channels app says DVR Access Failure request failed: forbidden (403)


I still can’t access the dvr I keep getting error 403


Okay thanks, there is a bug.


I authorized the ATV on the home network, and that was fine. I then switched to my phone’s hotspot wifi. It came up with the no tuner found error.

So do I have to authorize it on the remote network?

Edit: i get a 403 error when doing it from my hotspot wifi.


I installed the new beta app but is still the same with error (403).

Thank you.


Since I’m flying out for 2 weeks tomorrow this will be very useful… as long as the hotel wifi is good enough.


Upgrade your DVR server to the latest build and try again.


You guys are the best!!!

I can confirm that everything is working like I was in my house right now.

Thank you for your hard work amazing.


Worked great.


Is there a way to adjust streaming quality, the same way it works (brilliantly) on the iOS version? Can’t see the option anywhere on tvOS…