NEW: Remote DVR Access on tvOS


Authentication seems reliable right now, but remote access in general is a work in progress. For me its about 50/50, some channels work great and others have an error message very time. I’m confident they will get things fixed in the coming months.


50/50 is enough that I don’t think it can be a solution for my mom quite yet.


Yeah, just keep an eye on the progress. What hardware are you using for transcoding and how much upload bandwidth do you have?


I have a laptop with an I5 in it and I have fiber 25/25 internet.


Is this feature still in beta? I’m a Channels DVR subscriber but haven’t purchased the Apple TV app yet since it doesn’t meet my use case without the remote server. Would be happy to help test out the app until it’s released with remote capabilities and then I’ll purchase it.


If you already subscribe just join the tvOS testing, there is a thread here if you search for it


Odd, I was under the impression that this was the thread for the beta ATV app. I tried the link above but am not receiving the email for the TestFlight invite. Does this mean I can’t test unless I’ve already purchased the app?


I believe so… The testing version is frequently updated with a 90 day update expiry that rolls over as new features/fixes are being tested. If you have already “purchased” the app, then you can have access to all the early testing features… :slight_smile:


You don’t need to purchase the app to use the testing version


I would love to do this and connect to my DVR remotely from a second house, but I also have a HDHomeRun at the second house. Can I operate at the second location with a mixture of local HDHR & remote DVR?


Local HDHR + remote DVR should work (and long as there is no local DVR)