NEW: Roku app for Channels DVR (experimental)


Thank you for clearing that up.


Hi there - I’ve been using the channels app on my Apple TV for quite some time and love the experience. I may be getting a new TCL tv later this year that has built in Roku, so am wondering how robust the Roku app is. It sounds like it’s experimental - any anecdotes on its performance given it needs to transcode (eg how long does it take to tune a channel, seek, etc)? And any thoughts on making the app perform better over time (eg I’ve been following the fire tv thread and sounds like there’s progress in avoiding transcoding, etc)? Appreciate the help as I’d love to stay with channels but see if I can ditch my Apple TV in favor of Roku


Hi - thought I’d nudge this. Any thoughts/update on the Roku side of things when you get a moment (congrats btw on the great progress w/ Fire TV… just wanted to check on the Roku side which also has significant user base).


We have our hands quite full with Android/FireTV, and Roku is not really a priority at the moment. The fact that the majority of Roku devices cannot decode mpeg2 combined with the fact that the Roku SDK is quite limited and not very fun to work with makes it hard to get excited about that platform.

Thought I would give Channels DVR a try.... Again

k thanks… appreciate the visibility and update. I’ll hang on to my apple tvs for the time being


IMO, would rather see progress on Android TV/Fire TV than Roku, although have all three devices.


I've been having issues lately with the app.

the app opens fine and the channels preview thumbnails load up as well. When i click a channel to load. I keep getting the following error ...

Video Player Error : ignored

can someone help? i cant seem to figure out the problem


Can you play stuff on the web player? Are there errors on the DVR log tab?


I get the same message when using the Roku app. Mainly use firestick but wanted to try Roku app.


it plays fine on the web player but from the roku this have been a constant issue. I can't figure it out.

here the log error

018/11/04 21:18:25 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch505: Get http://ipaddress:5004/auto/v505?: dial tcp ipaddress:5004: connect: no route to host

this error happens when it's live tv, but for anything i recorded it works fine.


That means the DVR cannot connect to your hdhomerun. Is the IP correct?


the ip address matches the HDHome run. I not sure what the port suppose to be. I really don't understand how ports work with router and devices


So Roku can play recordings but on live tv it errors?

And web player can play both recordings and live tv?

Based on that error I would expect that all live tv (from web player or Roku) would fail. And new recordings would fail too, because it can't connect.

Port 5004 is what hdhomerun uses for video data.


i checked again and the ip address is different. The hdhome run has a new ip address and the channels DVR is looking for the old ip address it was on

is there a way i can make it look at the new HDHome run Ip address?


In the section where the hdhomeruns are shown, click the gear dropdown and select Scan Network.

I would recommend you add a static dhcp reservation to your router for your DVR and HDHR so the IPs don't change.


Do you know where i can find instructions on how to do that? i have a fios quantum gateway router?

btw thank you for help and quick response