New update broke remote authorize

For the ones that are remotely connecting? I don't know their IP addresses for their houses.

That was for @tstraub

What is the version number of the app installed on your pixel phone? Is there an error message when you try to connect?

Please also submit diagnostics from your DVR server web UI

I just sent the log by email.
I continue to experience the problem on Google Pixel. Latest beta


Submitted logs. App Version 9.8.1934 on Pixel 3 XL

I can connect when I'm on the network, but no remote access when I turn off wifi. Same problems with the shields at my family members' houses, they're also on the beta.

I need the logs from the phone. Click Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics on the phone after trying the remote connect.

Sounds good, once I'm in able to connect within my network, I'll send those to you

Submitted after failing to connect remotely

Thank you. I finally see the issue. Will fix asap.

Submitted my logs from my Pixel and the server. The message is "Your DVR is not quite set up yet. Visit this URL in your browser to complete it."

Same message in Shield and other remote devices.

Hopefully it fixes on my Shield and Pixel. My server is a Mac Mini, so should I run an update check there, or on the remote Shield and Pixel devices?

Thank you! As always you guys have great customer service. I appreciate it. Lots of angry and ungrateful family members on my end that will be happy with this fix.

Sidenote: They might lose access for their rudeness haha

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The fix is on the apk client side. I am uploading to the Play store right now. The new version is 9.9.317

Updated to 9.9.317 back to working fine. Thanks

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