New update broke remote authorize

after the update last night devices that took the update will no longer remote authorize. "Your DVR is not guite set up yet" they were working fine last night before the update. Devices that did not take the update are still working fine so I blocked the update for now. I rebooted the server and all the updated devices that did not help. Devices that took the updaye 1 fs4k, 1 android tablet, 1 android phone. Not updated 1 android tablet and 1 android phone.

Can you submit diagnostics from the device that's not working?

Ok done

I didn't see anything come through. What kind of device did you submit from?

I am experiencing the exact same problem.
I just submitted diagnostics.

This message from Pixel phone:
io. ktor.client features.ClientReque stException ... etc

This from Nvidia Shield log:
2020/09/08 11:54:26.581150 [ERR] oauth2: cannot fetch token: 401 Unauthorized
Response: {"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"The provided authorization grant is invalid, expired, revoked, does not match the redirection URI used in the authorization request, or was issued to another client."}

Samsung Android tablet. At the screen where it says your DVD in not quite set up yet. I hit Help button then choose Submit Diagnostics. Then choose other. It then showed diagnostics uploaded. Just did it again as I wrote this

I need diagnostics sent from your phone inside the Channels app

@Tom_Leach Strange, still nothing. Are you sure its connected to the internet?

I just did the same from my Pixel phone

I'm confused I can't get into the app. When I open channels app it goes to the connect to channehs dvr screen, then "away from home" , then "authorize access" then "Your DVR is not quite setup yet". That is as far in the app I can get.

I was able to submit Diagnostics when connected to wifi.
I cannot login into the app when on LTE

Just did the same thing on the phone with the same result. Yes definitely on line I can remote into the channels server page

Okay I see the problem. A fix build is uploading to play store.

I'm confused though, is this happening on your FireTV as well? Did you update to the beta there?

Any luck with the latest beta update?

Hey @tmm1, having the same issues on my Fire TV Sticks and my NVIDIA Shield. Unsure why.

I only have access to the Shield at the moment. Anything I should be doing?

Can you check the version number of the app and post it here. It should be visible either in the app itself or in the FireTV settings under apps

Unfortunately the folks at that house aren't around, so I might have to check in over the weekend when I get back down there.

Let me grab the version number off of the Shield. Version 3.0.1 beta-v109081934

Just uploaded the diagnostics a few seconds ago. Still getting the "not quite set up" message, even though I've been using Channels for...forever now.

Sorry I had go to work. I'll get back to it late tonight. I don't know about the fs4k when it first did it i went to my tablet and never went back to it.

I'm having issues as well, all my family members who use it remotely lost access. All using Nvidia Shields. Even my Pixel 3 XL won't connect remotely with the latest update

So this version isn't working? I keep testing it here and it works.

Can you open http://x:57000/log (replace X with the IP of your SHIELD) and copy/paste what is shown