Newbie Comment and Question


This thread might solve my problem:

I'm not tied to Plex. If i could get the job done in kodi that would work for me.


If you run this command from the 'Terminal' app on the Mac you're running Channels DVR you'll get EDL files created in the folder where the DVR files are stored, and Kodi/MrMC can use those to automatically skip the commercials:

curl -XPUT


Thank you! Will try it out.


I'll have to play around with MrMC settings. The edl was created with no problem, but MrMC did not skip over commercials on the first recording I tested. I'm trying another one shortly.


I have this arriving Wednesday along with an 8TB USB 3.0 drive. This should have enough guts to handle MCEBuddy, Channels DVR, and Plex server - correct? That's all it will be used for.


MCEBuddy has a bit of a learning curve. My first test recording didn't mark chapters for Plex to provide thumbnails for. I tweaked the settings and am trying again tonight.


I'm posting this here because the MCEBuddy forums are confusing and people here seem to know what they're talking about. :slight_smile:

I have MCEBuddy configured with
Ad Remover: Yes, Use Markers
Only Detect Ads
C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\comskip\comskip.exe

In one of these threads someone mentioned that if I do that and have the file dropped in Plex I would be able to jump over commercials in Plex using Chapter Thumbnails. The file that is dropped in Plex does not have chapter markers, even though I have that setting checked in Plex.

Is there a setting I am missing?


Probably, but don't quote me on that. I cut ads. I don't mark them, so I have no experience in that area. There also seems to be some enhanced difficulty brought on by Plex:

The forums over there are Discourse (arguably the most user unfriendly forum software in the two universes). If you can't find what you need already posted (very likely) the guys that work there are very helpful.

Also, you may be trying to use a 'paid version' feature in the 'free version'. I don't know that, but you should investigate the possibility.


Thanks for the help. With cutting ads (my preference) you don't get errors where chunks of the show are missing? I believe I remember you saying you had a custom comskip file. Care to share it? :smile:


Why soitenly! (up the page about a mile):

ComcastUSA dot ini is my preferred weapon - after some testing. It may not work as well for you as it depends heavily on content/channel/editing booth idiot level/etc., but there are several there to try out.

The brave traveler can also head on in to an ini file with the Comskip INI editor (in your Comskip folder or the WWW)... abandon hope all ye who enter there (I glanced down at what looked like MILLIONS OF LINES OF CODE, and quickly opted for one somebody already made... I'm old)


I can say the stock INI file is pretty safe as it will err on the side of programming, but you may have to deal with a lot of ads it'll leave behind.


I too am getting old and forgot that post. Thanks!


FYI I tried this one out and it doesn't work well for OTA prime time network shows. It is also geared towards hour long recordings vs half-hour shows.


Thanks for that. I am only recording prime time OTA shows.


I don't record OTA networks - 'cause none can make it down here in this canyon. I have one lonely, broken down PBS tower that was hit by lightning 4 years ago - works about 1/3 of the time, at 1/8th power. Thank goodness it's only 3 miles from here.

It works OK with HDHR's Premium TV, but I usually stick with History, Nat Geo and yes, a lot of hour shows.

It's very likely you'll have to experiment with everything in the bag. What works/doesn't work for one set of circumstances may work just fine for another. Automatic Ad Removal is NOT a science. It's a hand-grenade solution. Get close and hope for the best. Learn to live with a little failure, or fast forward through ads. Simple as that.


I’m assuming with the data Channels has at its disposal, they may be actually able to create a set of ini files and choose the one that should work best for the program being analyzed.


I was indeed missing a setting. Under Expert Settings there was an option to Add Chapters. I checked that and will be running another test today. Fingers crossed that it works. I've been failing the Spouse Acceptance Factor lately, especially with the video freezing during the Grammys last night.


Victory! I have chapters and can access them from Plex. The only thing left on my ToDo list is to figure out why MCEBuddy is not triggered automatically when a new file is added to the folder is watching. Nothing happens until I hit Start.


MCEBuddy (and it's Service) has to be left running - all the time. If it's not running it can't do it's work. The MCEBuddy Service must be started at boot, or before you hope to use it (I have mine set on a Delayed Start - so Plex and other things can get fired up first). Once the service is running you fire up the Client and 'Start' it. Now if you close the client before 'Stopping', it will remain running (even after a boot - after the service starts the client will start and monitoring/processing can proceed). After a boot, if the client was left running, when the service starts and you fire up the client window you should see it is running.

When I'm doing big Handbrake Jobs (or having my head ripped/blown/chopped off in some game) I'll stop the client so it won't start doing something and eat up my CPU. When other activities have ended, I start the client again. The service is always running.


I leave the app running all the time. I do see on the app that "MCEBuddy has stopped".

I'll try a short delay to see if that works.

Thanks again for your help! I appreciate it!


That is a problem. Something is going to sleep - would be my guess. If that unit you're using is brand new you'll probably have to locate all the 'helpful' power saving features and promptly disable them... all.

The only time Buddy stops around here is when i stop it... manually.