Newbie Comment and Question


As far as I can tell, I've turned everything off. I've even seen the status change to "Stopped" while I was looking at it.


Well, perhaps a look at the logs (several links on the client face) may lead somewhere. If not it may be time to visit the official forum where they'll likely get to the bottom of it at warp speed.


I posted there this morning. :slight_smile:


They seem to be taking their time... odd. I may have to go 'bump' my head on a low hanging door frame... lol

Anywho, search the forum for 'mcebuddy has stopped'. That'll return a few posts to look through for clues. Also make sure Hardware Decoding is disabled everywhere it can be enabled.


They replied. It looks like I just need to hit Start and leave it alone. So far so good. Not sure why it was stopping but it seems to be working


Operator Error? Oh my... lol

You can 'minimize' the client and it's icon will still display in the task bar. If the client is running you can even close the client and it should continue running, but I never close the client. I have violent allergic reactions to things running behind the scenes. If I have to pull the plug on something I need to know which plug to pull.



Tonight was the first time I watched a show that was recorded by Channels, had chapters created by MrMC, and was dropped in the Plex folder. Comskip in MrMC found the end of each commercial break, but not the beginning. That worked fine. When the show dipped to commercial I skipped to the next chapter. Easy.


How long from end of recording until it was ready to watch in Plex?


For me, it depends on which conversion profile has been activated:
*Unprocessed remuxes to remove ads - 2 or 3 minutes per recorded hour.
*Converted MPEG-2 to H264 (720p 2650kbps +/-) - about 15 minutes per hour.
from end of record until Plex starts generating video preview thumbs and the item hits 'recently added'.


I don't know how long mine took. I didn't watch it until 24 hours after recording.


I've noticed with sitcoms that comskip doesn't pick up the start of the last segment. It jumps me to the beginning of the show afterwards.


There is a little known, seldom used function where Bud/comskip will ignore the last bit (configurable time) of a recording to stop any confusion in that really confusing area of a recording. You, however, are on your own finding and tweeking it. I believe I've seen it... somewhere.


There's a short area about Comskip there, but you can drill in from there. A little further down the same section you'll see the hard coded 'trimmers' - in case short recordings are irritating you (as they were me facilitating the removal of said irritants).


I have another newbie question:

I have a few recordings that have been completed without having "detect commercials" on. Is it possible to apply comskip to these files?


I would also like an option to comskip from the Web Page.