Newest Test for a Windows 10 mini PC


Just ordered a knock-off (Acepc - GK1) with latest (?) Gemini Lake CPU. Will update after trial. I do have an 500 gb M.2 to replace the wimpy 32gb included.

Will post results after receipt and testing.

Been awhile since I’ve ordered any new h/w. Looking forward to testing Channels DVR on same.


Got it tonight.

First impressions…

Fan is way too loud for me. Not clunky, but constant low volume, whirring noise. Once, I really check it out, I may send back and order GK2 - passive cooling.

Playback (only tested on web ui) was very acceptable.

Tomorrow, I should have some more time to load Channels DVR and really test.


Ive been using the AK1 for about a year now with no problems. Works great and have had no problems. No fan noise.


Have done some more testing with the GK-1 as a Channels Server.

So far, it is performing great. Elapsed time for commercial detection is ~equal with results on my Qnap TS-251A.

Did order a M.2 SSD (as per listed specs…to replace internal 32gb…however it should be a mSATA).
As one can also use a 2.5” SATA SSD (has an included separate drive bay), I loaded Channels DVR on a Samsung EVO that I already had.


Which would be…?


For one hour recording of 48 Hours:

12 min - GK1
13 min - 251A


Edit: No other simultaneous usage on either, i.e., viewing, recording



Looks like it’s taking my Synology DS218+ about 10 min. for a 1-hour 1080i show. 22 min. for two hours. Hour-long 720p 9-10 mins. Half-hour shows I think I usually see done in six minutes or less?


Makes sense, supports my theory that your DS218+ would have slightly better performance than my TS-251A.

My test was on a 1080i (mpeg2) channel (CBS), although via Comcast vs your OTA.


Now for the bad news.

Playback (on ATV4K) after commercial skip added on the same recording was fairly disastrous on the Win10 GK1. Neither the ATV remote nor Harmony Smart Control could be used without a lot of pauses, questionable jumps, no 1-2 press for commercial skip.

Playback on same show recorded by Qnap was as expected (excellent) using either ATV or Harmony remote.

I’ll test later on Nvidia Shield client.


Nvidia Shield (Experience 7.1, preview and using a Fire Stick remote-added as an accessory)

Remote ffd/comm skip was better than ATV4K on GK1 recording, but still not great.

On the Qnap recording, ffd/comm skip was as expected.

NOTE: if anyone wants a further test…I’ll do it…provided I have the required equipment. LMK


I wonder why commercial detection would be faster than your QNAP NAS, but actually playing back content such a disaster?

It’s local, so it’s native, right? So no transcoding.


Is the GK1 hardwired or wireless?




AFAIK, transcoded on ATV4K, not on Shield. ICBW.


Tried a 2nd recording (720p) on ATV4K.

Much better remote control on GK-1, however, still not as smooth as from Qnap.

GK-1 doesn’t allow smooth ffd, slight hesitation/pause on double tap for comms, while Qnap is excellent for both.

@tmm1 What are your thoughts?


Does system tray menu show Ethernet fix option?


No. It only shows the ethernet connection.

Also setup Channels DVR as a system service.


Pretty strange. Watching a recording doesn’t use many resources on the server, so the issue has to be network related.


Think I’ll just move an ATV4 onto the same switch and test further.


ATV4 now same switch as …GK-1 much better, however still not as smooth as Qnap playback (not on same switch).

Conundrum :neutral_face: