Newest Test for a Windows 10 mini PC


Maybe it has a crummy NIC or driver?


Run a speed test between the PC and ATV4:

  1. Look up ip of atv4
  2. Open the channels app
  3. On the pc, open http://x.x.x.x:57000/speedtest using atv4 IP


Does that work on Android and FTV devices, too?




As I’m not available at home for the next several days, I’ll respond with results later this week.

Also, have a few other tests, I’d like to try.

Thanks to both of you for suggestions and assistance.


Ha! Very cool :slight_smile:

Just ran it between my iPad and one of our MiBox 3’s, then one of our FTVs. Now I see why people have been complaining of the MiBox’s WiFi performance: 37mb/s. FTV: 102mb/s - and it was busy streaming a 1080i HD program at the time, as well.


Had a few minutes at home so tried above …speedtest.

It worked great on Shield TV on the same aforementioned switch…650+

However, both ATV’s reported…not able to connect. Used Chrome (firewall allowed) on the Win10 GK-1.


ATV4 must have the Channels app active on screen for the api to work



ATV4 (not 4K) registered 100mb/s. Interesting…what a diff vs Shield, but still acceptable

Just for grins…ATV4K in a separate part of house…76mb/s

No other processes running, either time.


Does the shield play from the windows PC better (since it has better bandwidth)?

It’s possible there is some performance bottleneck in the windows version of the DVR…


I’m guessing wired connection to Shield?

Considering switching from Plex - need to know (1) How well time shifting works, and (2) Best playback software for Windows

Both wired to same switch Shield (wired) plays without problems (using wired GK-1 as DVR) on ffd/comm skip. All as expected.


Pulled the ATV4, now testing with ATV4K (1gb- wired to Switch (MoCA 1.0 to Router) for all, just diff locations…hence ATV4K is wired to:

Switch 1 same Switch as GK-1 100mb/s - plays great (using GK-1 as server)
Switch 1 while Qnap Switch 2 700mb/s - plays great (using Qnap as server)
Switch 3 (also MoCA 1) 100mb/s - problems (using GK-1 as server)
Switch 3 (also MoCA 1) 100mb/s - plays great (using Qnap as server)

P.S. - I :two_hearts: this latest testing tool


I don’t know if this is related but a few weeks ago my ssd died on my optiplex 740. This is a quad-core I5 6 gen with 8gig of ram running Ubuntu 16. Been working flawlessly since the DVR was shipped last year.

I finally swapped it out with another identical machine a few days ago (benefits of having work provided machines)since some shows were starting the new seasons, but left it running Win10 enterprise, ‘cause I’m lazy.

Starting play on a recording is slow. Skipping forward/backward is a disaster. 6 secs to skip 30/7 and the double click just does 60 secs at best. Pausing and scrubbing to the end of a commercial and then playing gives me a 6 sec pause still.

Live is fine. I’m going to blow it away and reinstall Ubuntu 18 tonight, if I can get the time.


Ok, I guess I gotta eat my shorts or something. I went down in the basement to load Linux, and I realized I have an appletv4k down there hardwired ( it’s too cold so we never go down there). I tried it and it was flawless.

My main AppleTV is on MoCA2. I ran speed test and it was 100Mb. So I swapped it out and then my ATV was fine. I ran speed test again and it was still 100Mb. It’s way under what it should be, but obviously fast enough. I guess I will replace it and then upgrade to another MoCA 2 Bonded adapter, and then I can rock it.


Keep in mind that the original ATV4 only has a 100mbps ethernet port. The ATV4K has a gigabit port.


Ahh, ‘splains that, i forgot. I probably tested on that one with the speed test app, when I got google.



Any new thoughts on my config?

The only two alternatives I see are:

  1. Wire GK-1 to same switch (3) as (main) ATV4K. Not happening, as the fan noise on GK-1 is too distracting.

  2. Upgrade network locations to MoCA 2. Again, not happening, as cost is too high.

Seems odd that 100mb/s works OK from Qnap…but problems occur on GK-1 at same 100mb/s. FWIW…latency (IIRC) was approx the same.

Edit: Chg’d from Switch 1 to Switch 3 on 1. Switch 3 in this case is our main viewing location.


Shop around but Bonded MOCA 2.0 has come down in price. I got these from Verizon and work great and don’t break the bank like the older Actiontec models did. Bonded MOCA gives you the Gigabit speeds.


Very nice, but upgrading 4-5 locations is still ~$220-$275. A bit too high just to effectively enable one lower cost device. All my MoCA 1 locations are operating effectively ATM, except the ATV4K client (S3) utilizing GK-1 server (S1) . MoCA 1 at Switch 3 is great for all clients on Qnap (S2).


Did you try rebooting all MoCA devices? Not knowing what model they are, I know actiontec had problems with some models with throughput slowing down and needing a reboot.