Newest version, OSD problem

After switching channel, randomly the OSD on bottom of the screen won't disappear. It also shows a round loading icon next to time. Maybe this happens only on certain channels, I'm not sure. Now there is one channel that does this all the time. This is annoying since the OSD blocks subtitles from showing...

Please submit diagnostics from the app next time this happens

Just happened, sent diagnostics log. Switched to channel 32 FOX HD when OSD did not disappear.

Just noticed that screen saver also seems to appear after a few minutes of Channels use...

Just happened again, sent diagnostics at 20.31.

Happened again, submitted another diag log.

Thanks. I think this is related to the older model HDHR. I have put more logging into the next version which will narrow down where the bug is.

Ok, I have hdhr dual and expand but dual is disabled in settings.

Just sent diagnostics again.

The other problem, screen saver appearing after few minutes is still on in neweat version also...

Screen saver actived while watching live tv, just sent diagnostics