Next episode has no audio, until episode is restarted

I'm not sure if this is Apple TV specific but I don't anything else to test this on. But on multiple Apple TVs, I have the following experience. When attempting to watch my virtual channel of King of the Hill episodes, the first episode plays just fine, and when the next episode begins, it plays without any audio. If you back out to the guide, wait a second or two, and go back in, the episode audio will now play.

This also happens to my Simpsons and old black and white monster movies virtual channels.

I am currently running the most recent beta that I have in Test Flight (1.18.1843) but this has been going on for the better part of the year. I'm not sure what is special about these particular videos when I have lots of other virtual channels that play next episodes just fine. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Edit: I should mention that I have tried both the default and experimental audio driver and the behavior is the same for both.

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Please go to Settings -> Support -> Submit Diagnostic Logs from your device and let us know when it's been submitted so we can have a better idea of what was going on.

Thank you, Logs have been submitted as f42e4d98-e5f6-49eb-a06b-1dad8456c814

Can you submit the diagnostics from your Apple TV app after you experience it?

I am happy this the same thing as running diagnostics for apple support? Where I go to Settings>General>About and press play/pause three times?

Submit Diagnostics is under the Support menu in Settings in the Channels app on your Apple TV.

It’s very important to do this after you experience the issue, otherwise the diagnostics you submit won’t include anything about the issue you’re experiencing.

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Done.....I waited for a new episode to start and it was silent, exited and went to settings to submit diagnostics.

I just did it on the next episode as well, but this time I did the whole "back out of the silent episode, wait a couple seconds, then select it again"

I've been having the same issue since I setup channels about 2 months ago. It's stopped me from even using the virtual channels because if I have to stop/restart every time it goes to a new episode it defeats the purpose.

I am using Apple TV and latest stable. I have also tried experimental driver with no luck either.


Yes. 2 of the latest generation full size HomePods in stereo pair

Are you using the experimental audio driver?

then you're sol. we've been waiting for 4+ years for a fix, then a few months ago they say out of now where that its not supported. people who work here get butt hurt when you bring it up. a few threads about it.

the experimental and lab audio drivers are not a solution, its a band aid that sometimes works and most times it doesn't.

ill pm you this exact post before it gets deleted.

So all the work and money I put into channels is gone? I don’t understand. I don’t have any issues with any other app

I tried experimental. It makes it worse actually

Tell me about it, but hey, we just got playlist and it’s 600 updates in 2 weeks, but we can’t use them and I got 15 of them.

Only solution is to deal with the bug that no other software has or unpair your HomePods. :man_shrugging:t2:

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It's not that you're SOL. It's that how Apple devices and HomePods work is a black box. They don't respond to bug reports, and won't answer developer questions. Other apps work because they use the system-level video player. However, Channels cannot use the video player, because it does not support OTA broadcast video.

The problem is that Apple is being Apple; unresponsive, secretive, and helping developers only when it does Apple good. Channels is too niche for Apple to care.


Yea not sure I buy that. As the other poster said, this is not an issue with any other software I use on the Apple TV. The Plex app and HDHomeRun which support OTA work just fine with the HomePods.

people who don't work here will regurgitate that to you a lot. amazing pixie dust that Infuse and HDHomerub player must have in order to get it working :man_shrugging:

we're both obviously wrong, but hey, you can install the server on 43 flavors of docker and your toaster if its capable.

lol prepare for incoming company line tongue washing because there will definitely be a lot more incoming.

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Your disbelief of a fact makes it no less true. Were Channels able to use the system player you would not have this issue; Apple's lack of support for MPEG-2 video is the reason for these issues.