NFL Network Issue

Same issue here.

Fix uploading now.


NFL Network through Channels does not play the preseason games. I had all of the above mentioned issues so I upgraded to the latest prerelease and deleted the source (COX) and readded the source. I don't get the above errors anymore but instead I get an image with the NFL logo saying ALT Channel 1. The game never plays.

I am able to watch the NFL Network preseason games through my browser going directly to the website (tried both Chrome and Edge Win 10) and through the android and android tv NFL Network apps on my phone, tablet and Shield. So login credentials are not an issue. My Chrome is fully up to date.

Strange. I can try it here to see, when is the next game?

Not populated for week 2 preseason yet, but

Bonus in that it gives you local coverage too.

Well for example right now NFL Network is playing Broncos vs Vikings. I can watch through the NFL Network app on my Shield. But when I try to watch it right now through Channels, I just get a screen that shows the logo and says Alt Channel 1.

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Try upgrading to prerelease

I'm getting same behavior on 2021.08.16.1814

I still get the same thing with the new prerelease. I rescanned the Cox source as well.

I'm seeing this on 2021.08.16.1814 as well. I noticed this popped up on Friday, when the game on this channel was recorded instead of the live game. The channel recording in Channels was playing the Titans game, but the Channels DVR guide showed the Cowboys was recording. I flipped over to the YouTube TV app, and noticed there were three NFL Network streams. Maybe these were added recently?

Uploading a new pre-release with fix.

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Is this 2021.08.17.2256? I am getting the following for NFL Network and BTN after rescanning:


I’m on 2021.08.16.2350 and it tunes for me with no error but I get this:

That’s not the pre-release they uploaded today. I installed it about 30 minutes after it went live to test.

Good point. Odd since I literally clicked the button to upgrade like ten minutes before I posted. I’ll try again.

Edit: Updated to 2021.08.17.2256. Now I get this:

[ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-YouTubeTV ch6192 NFL: TVE: no stream found

Is your BTN gone also?

Yes. I get the error below. I submitted diagnostics. Hope it helps.

[ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-YouTubeTV ch6199 BTN: TVE: Get "": context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

Same here. Submitted diagnostics.

Please try v2021.08.18.2110

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better for me!