NFL Network Issue

I am having trouble getting NFL Network to work via channels... I have FuboTV as my login and it let's me login on the website and watch...

You should define "trouble". There's literally no information in your post.

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…..Do you have electricity going into your house? That’s the only thing I can think of with the absolutely no information you provided.

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Gee thanks I plugged in the computer! Please be civil... it's saying I don't have access to the channel when I do... I can log in via TV everywhere but when I scan the channel it doesn't show up... when I look at the reason why I get a 401 unauthorized message...

How about a details? Which version is the DVR server? What platform/device runs your server? Any other details you can offer?

Without details, everything is a guess. The quality of the assistance you receive from community support is directly proportionate to the effort you put into it.

Simply saying "I have a problem" is not helpful. But "This is my problem, this is my situation, and this is what I've tried to do to fix it, and these are the results I got when I did that" is a very different thing.

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Dvr: 2021.06.17.1801 running on windows server.
I have attempted to rescan channels and gone into the edit function on the channel scan... it gives me a not authorized message... I checked to make sure fubo is still authorized as a TVE source for NFL Network... it is... interestingly I get a not subscribed message for redzone which is correct as I'm not subscribed... I have restarted the server as well... I'm more than happy to submit logs...

Not sure if Fubo has the same issue, but when I get that with Xfinity, I remove and readd the TVE source in Channels DVR. In fact I'm doing that now every two weeks as a preventative measure to keep from missing recordings.

You should submit diagnostics if that doesn't work.

THANK YOU! This worked.. deleted and re-added the source.

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I'm having the same issue. Can't watch NFL Network. I have FuboTV, deleted and rescanned the channels. Here is the error message I get:

nfl media: 401 Unauthorized: Grant id=[399722305], permissions=[] insufficient for MediaObject mcpId=[US-511-IN-472759], authorization=[MVPD], permissions=[NFLN]

My DVR is on WD PR4100 Channels version 2021.05.26.1807

I checked for a Channels update and was told I am up to date.

I also stopped and restarted the Channels app as it had been running since the last update.

WD put out an OS update that I have not installed, should I do that?

I know it didn't work for you but the only thing I've gotten to work is deleting and re-scanning... sorry, that's all I've got Fubo seems to do this every 2-3 weeks and it's the only channel I have a problem with.

There are release and pre-release versions.

Current pre-release version can be seen at

I am getting the 401 error on NFL network.

2021/08/12 21:23:30.415948 [TVE] Channel scan 132/209 NFL failed: nfl media: 401 Unauthorized: Not entitled for the specified content

Before I delete and re-add my Cox TVE source, I thought I would submit logs:

It works when I log in with my Cox credentials on the NFLtv website.
@tmm1 Do you need anything else?

i also had issues last night on NFL network, but works this morning. Wondering if this has to do with blackouts they probably instituted for the live preseason game last night.

OK, so weirdest thing. I was watching the NFL Network live and having it record at the same time. On the NFL network, they had a scramble thing come up and they said it was blacked out in my market, so I switched to the OTA feed. I just checked this morning, and the recording is of the NFL Network and it doesn't have any blackout warning, like it recorded a totally different feed than I was watching.

My Cox TVE is from Phoenix Metro while I'm in Providence Metro, so maybe that had some type of impact?

Probably. Providence had it carried locally on WNAC.

I think you are right as it is working for me now. The wierd thing is I could watch the redskins game on my android phone with the NFL app as well as use the browser on The NFL app on the atv would not work. Then I realized that it was also on NBC sports Washington. So maybe it was blacked out

Just tried to tune NFL network (YTTV TVE) and got error “[ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-YouTubeTV ch6192 NFL: TVE: nfl media: 401 Unauthorized: Media object not found”

This seems to be a little different than the others people have had recently so I thought I would share.

Submitted diagnostics cfea1b1e-9be6-4c03-91e5-d95d5f569c77

Same issue here.

Fix uploading now.


NFL Network through Channels does not play the preseason games. I had all of the above mentioned issues so I upgraded to the latest prerelease and deleted the source (COX) and readded the source. I don't get the above errors anymore but instead I get an image with the NFL logo saying ALT Channel 1. The game never plays.

I am able to watch the NFL Network preseason games through my browser going directly to the website (tried both Chrome and Edge Win 10) and through the android and android tv NFL Network apps on my phone, tablet and Shield. So login credentials are not an issue. My Chrome is fully up to date.