NFL Network Pre Season Game

Can someone explain to me why the NFL Network on Channels has some Steelers bullcrap on, but I am actually able to watch the Patriots on the NFL Network app (Spectrum login).

Came here to ask the same question. If I log into NFL Network on the website, it is showing the game.
DirecTV log-in.

Its seriously messed up!!!

Patriots are on here.

As mentioned in the post above, I also get [email protected] here.

The problem is not with Channels, but perhaps your cable/satellite/OTT provider and their auth backend? Because both the web feeds (both online, and through Channels) are not the problem, there must be some other variable to account for your experience

If that were true then the NFL Network app wouldnt work. Im Spectrum and the other person is DirecTV, what are the odds of two providers being wrong?

Strangely my feed started working. But it was initially some sub-feed of NFL Network (I didn't know that existed). I opened up the NFL Network app on my Apple TV and although they now hide NFL Network behind a subscription, there were a couple other streams available with one of them being some Steelers program.

Getting pats game via Hulu. May be tve is blacking you out if you’re local. What happens if you login at NFL Network | Watch Live Football Games & Events |

No, these are two distinctly different situations:

  1. Accessing the stream/feed of an "app" means that you are directly connecting with their first-class feeds. Such content is usually under much more generous entitlements because you are using first-party experiences and a controlled environment.
  2. Accessing the content through a network's website means the network is on the hook for much more copyright liability, and therefore they "cripple" their website feeds. (This is why TV Everywhere streams are lower bandwidth and only offer stereo audio, whereas you can get high-bandwidth and 5.1 audio from their apps.)

Channels' TVE implementation solely uses the website, and does not have access to the superior streams that a native app might offer. You are comparing apples to rutabagas.

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Im in FL, and my login is Spectrum in New England. I guess TVE us becoming so unreliable that need to un cut the cord.

Yeah, just switched back from NFL App, and its working now.

Is it possible that the feed you are getting is the "curated" feed, like the NFL Network in Pluto.??
This is not the full subscription feed.
Watch the one which seems wrong then go to Pluto and see if it is the same game.
The NFL Channel provided by Pluto TV is a specially curated feed of iconic library content devoted to providing NFL fans the best productions that NFL Films and NFL Media has to offer.

I would've figured that Channels would handle that properly and get the right feed, it's a legit Spectrum Login for TVE.

Just the website worked fine too, I'm still going with there was something wrong with Channels. I was watching it in Chrome on my phone before I switched to the NFL App.

This due to the NFL network's TVE feed not handling blackouts well. It's a yearly event in the preseason.

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That's an answer I can live with.

Thank you!!!

Has nothing to do with Channels- Giants and Pats were also blacked out in their home markets -

I'm in Florida, neither of their markets.

Does that mean your Channels DVR server is in New England?
If so, that would explain it.

Channels Server is at my house in Florida, so that doesn't explain it.