NFL RedZone

With NFL games starting this weekend, is there a plan to add the NFL RedZone to the TVE stations? I just rescanned my TVE stations and don't see it in the list of available channels.

It appears the link for the TVE stream is as NFL Network stream is at

The stream is only active during Sundays. When the stream is not active, PS Vue simply has a splash screen. I'm not sure if PSVue or NFL is hosting the splash screen. When I go to the stream link, I get a "NFL RedZone is not available to stream" message. However, it will be active this Sunday.

Is it possible for you guys to work your magic and get this added BEFORE this weekends games? I realize that there might be some trial and error, but if the stream works the same as NFL Network which is already there, getting this setup before this weekends games will help us have it when the games start Sunday.

Thanks for your awesome work.

Do you mind sending us an email [email protected] and we'll see if we can make this happen.


Will do.

I would also like to see if this is possible. Let me know if I can help at all

I wondered about this myself. I think multiple providers have access to this besides Vue, but I may be wrong.

Aman did some quick development / testing and channel 6182 (NFL RedZone) is now available for TVE. Unfortunately with the stream NOT being active no telling if it will work. I plan to download the nightly build tomorrow and rescan channel 6182 Sunday morning once the link becomes active. Aman said he will do some troubleshooting on Sunday if time / family allows.

The NFL App on ATV supports the streaming now, so that is my backup plan since the PS Vue app has way too much buffering on live sports. Would be awesome to get this working week 1, but Aman should have it figured out for Week 2 at the latest.

I wish we had all thought about it last week when they were doing the Pre-Season "test" run of Redzone. I'm almost sure they streamed it. In my case I use Spectrum, but have Redzone as well so it should work for me also?

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This is awesome. Channels support is the best in the business.


Build 2019.09.04.0522 has the updated RedZone channel code. You will need to install that in order to see RedZone Channel on 6182. As of right now it is reporting “neu: 400 Bad Request” (with PSVue authentication) since the stream is dead. Aman does not know if this will or won't work until the stream becomes live. Planning to rescan channel 6182 Sunday when the stream becomes live and hope it works.

same with Optimum

Bump. It's almost to check in on this :slight_smile:

Stream is live, and I'm still seeing the neu: 400 Bad Request error. Hopefully you can get this checked out!

Really appreciate the customer support over here at Channels

Not working on Optimum. NFL app Red Zone just showed up.

Same here... neu: 400 Bad Request

The actual stream isn’t working either. Tried using the NFL AppleTV app and it says the stream is not available.

I’m using the Apple TV app. Had the same issue. Just signed out and signed back in.

I can log in via my Sling TV credentials to the Red Zone stream in a browser.

Currently, scanning for channels gives me the NFL channel in the Channels guide but not the Red Zone. Would love to get access to the Red Zone channel in the Channels app.

Definitely want the Redzone Channel on Channels!!!

Sorry I was busy with visiting family today. Will take a look next Sunday and we should be able to sort things out.


Thanks for taking a look at this today. The stream starts at 9:55 PST, hopefully you can get this sorted out for us :slight_smile:

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