No CC on hardware transcoding

Closed Captions on hardware transcoding has always been flaky due to a bug in ffmpeg. Now they don’t show up at all. Maybe they’ve completely turned then off on qsv transcoding?

That bug is for qsv but I think you’re using the Mac videotoolbox encoder.

I wrote the ffmpeg patch which enables a53cc for videotoolbox, but after some reports of live streams failing I had to disable it.

I can try enabling it again to see what happens…

I have 2 servers running, Mac and Windows. When streaming from the Win server, it still shows gibberish when hardware transcoding is on. When streaming from the mac server, nothing is showing up when hardware trans. is selected…

I don’t get any subtitles in the UK with hardware or software transcoding. Is this something that has to be implemented differently with DVB subtitles? (They do work perfectly in the tvOS and iOS apps.)

Yes DVB subtitles are different and unimplemented. It is unlikely we can get them working in the web player, since AFAIK the subtitles in DVB are transmitted as graphical images and not text.