No guide data?


Apologies if this has been answered previously but I've been unable to find it through my searching.
Just purchased the app for my 4th generation apple TV to watch live tv with my HDHomerun. However, after a channel scan I'm only getting the channel names/numbers but no guide data. Live playback is fine and I'm able to play/pause/etc... but no guide info. I'm a not a subscriber to the monthly service. Thanks in advance.


Do you see guide data in the official HDHR app?


I don't see an official app for the apple tv. I did download the HDHR app for iphone and just get the title screen with a note at the bottom that says discover.json failed.


There is no HDHR app for Apple TV, only AirPlay mirroring with the iOS apps.


What model HDHR are you using, and is the firmware up to date?


Using an HDHR3. Seriously doubt the firmware is up to date. I've been unable to connect via my mac with the HDHR software. Will try a little later this evening on a pc.


I'm seeing the same thing. I have an HDHR Prime and an HDHR Connect Quattro. Not guide data shows for the Prine, but it does gor the Quattro. Using the official HDHR software on my Mac, all the guide data shows. Same thing across all 4 AppleTVs I have.


I'm having the same issue but only on ONE of my apple TVs. Unfortunately it is the most watched one. I get the guide on all the other ATVs AND I get the guide on my iPhone and ipad.

I thought I'd outsmart it and I switches with one of the apple TVs that I don't use for watching live TV (that was getting the guide). Well this morning, I got a No Tuner connected on that ATV (worked fine on all the others and iPhone/ipad. Ended up having to delete and reinstall Channels Live app on that ATV and now NO GUIDE!

what would cause just that room to not get the guide?