No minute indicator of progress in show

I find it unusual and at times annoying that there is no minute indicator of progress in a show, only the static "0 min" on the left and the static "## min" on the right, unlike pretty much every other player I use on my iPad. I would have expected the left one to show the progress, so is this a bug?


I was noticing the same thing yesterday. There's also no feedback when you scrub. I'm guessing the times on either side of the bar are supposed to change like the standard iOS video playback interface but they broke at some point.

Nah, this mirrors the tvOS app, except without the current time indicator that’s on the tvOS timeline.

You’re right that this is deficient. We’ll be putting some time into the iOS player design soon and we’ll make sure we address this.


Please consider this as well when looking at the iOS Player design: