No Over the air available

I heard about Channels just yesterday and thought I would check it out. Unfortunately, I live in an area where and internal HD antenna won't get anything. I rent, so I can't put holes in my walls or roof, and mounting something on the outside of my building would probably get me evicted.

Is there any use case for Channels if I am not bringing in over the air programming? I have Spectrum currently for internet but use Directv for TV programming. That is changing soon when I decide how I want to go for alternate programming. Philo is strong front runner at this point, but lacks locals. The only thing we need locals for is news, local events, and weather. I would love to find a use for Channels, but it seems that my situation really wouldn't benefit from it any?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

Holes I understand (see link below), but unless you live under a particularly nasty totalitarian regime (not in the United States) you can't be prevented from installing an outdoor antenna. Period. Yea, it's law.

Now, for those holes:

Open window, put 'flat' coax in window, close window.
The landlord, who can't prevent you from installing an outdoor antenna, won't be upset when there are no holes to repair (or will be upset when he can't keep your deposit for repairing them).

That is funny, I had one of those years ago when I had an external CB antenna (aging myself here). It worked great but had no idea where to find them. THANKS!! Only other question is, how would I mount the external antenna without having to drill holes in the new siding or wrecking anything?

I appreciate the input, thanks.

Well, what's up there? Chimney? Nothin' but roof? Do you have an attic - and if so under what type of roofing material?

I have a DB8 on one of those (below). We've had quite a few gales since this went up and - it's still there. It's mounted by some strong lag screws thru the wood trim to the backing 2x6 just below the roof edge. Now, yes, those are holes, but a little wood putty and a dab of paint will make them vanish should the need arise.
(try the back of the house - like not the side facing the street - a little stealth may be in order, but you do have the law on your side if all else fails)

That DB8 is a VERY capable unit, but perhaps you can use something a bit smaller, or in a different design (traditional yagi). The thing to do now is to visit: , plug in your address, generate a site survey, and post it here. From that we might make an educated guess what may, or may not work for you.

I've built 1000 antennae in my age - 950 of them for "11 Meters". As soon as you start doing these things, those CB skills will come roaring back. Like riding a bike.

Ok, I think this is what you are looking for. Let me know. Thanks.

No LOS (line of sight). Many 1Edge. Go Big or Stay Home:

Or a lightly smaller gun:

(you may or may not need that pre-amp)

I keep getting logged out - back later.

If the big one doesn't work you can hang up your guns. Amazon's return policy is bulletproof.

Thanks for taking the time you have with this. Yeah, it is hard for me to spend that kind of money when I don't even know if it will work. I found this: Antenna but not sure if it is junk or not?

Our living area is a three story condo like arrangement. One level below ground, 2 above ground, with the peak about 25-30' off the ground. I do have an access panel in my hallway in my top floor and the roof outside is shingles.

Also, since you only have the one VHF transmitter you may be able to use this Channel Master:

It's very similar to the DB8, but the continuous reflector does work a 'bit' better for strong VHF-High (you don't really have any of those, but...)

I'd try the big Wineguard above, if that fails give up.

If you look up "Junk" in the dictionary - a picture of that antenna will be there.
Those are scam-bait and if they're even a real antenna anywhere, they sho ain't cut for our US frequencies. Myanmar maybe.

I think the only things those antennae were designed to catch - are customers.

Thanks, appreciate the input. I will go with your suggestion if I get one then. Thanks.

Sounds good. Thanks.

Yep... I too live in a broadcast challenged area in WV. The Mountain State. Unfortunately I don't live ON one of them.

I would show you my Fool Report, but it would just depress us both further. If I had the prayer of success that exists for you, however, I'd employ every weapon at my disposal in that battle.

I've got one PBS transmitter atop a lonely ridge, hit by lightning 5 years ago, and in need of immediate first-aid (it probably won't get soon). It's 3 miles from here, doing 15 watts on a good day and I need all of that DB8 to get 70%.

I know how this stuff works... but I can't make it work in a black hole.


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Yeah, it is challenging. I think that when you live in a city, you forget that the rest of the rural world is in the dark ages. (no offense) The good ole days of rabbit ears is gone too.

Ask for Spectrum choice. You get locals plus 10 cable channels for $25. They also have Spectrum essentials which is Philo with more channels for $15(no locals) I pay $96 for internet, Choice, HBO Showtime, Stars, The Movie Channel And Encore.

Thanks Richard, I called them this weekend because I got a special streaming offer for $24.99/mo and was promptly told that there would be an additional $5 charge each month on top of that plus I would want the $4.99/mo cloud DVR. So now I end up around $35/mo on an offer that is $24.99/mo. Typical bait and switch.

They have a TV Stream package that is 25 networks they choose, for that same $29.99/mo. So that would be a better deal, but still $35 after the cloud DVR cost. I know they have a package with the Apple 4K TV as well, but couldn't get anyone to answer on that.

On the whole, I like Spectrum for my internet access, it's fast! I have a phone too, for when the weather blocks my cell phone in case of emergency. So I thought maybe I could work something out with them, but their customer service people are clueless, they kept transferring me and then I was on hold, and then they were going to call me back, and never did. Big surprise.

Anyways, I will try again, if for nothing else but the locals.

Yeah, the Broadcast fee is $5, to me it’s still worth it. They took $20 off internet. I tried their dvr it’s terrible, luckily I get OTA reception, so Channels is perfect for me. There is no Apple TV deal. You can use it to replace the cable box on any Spectrum package. They will let you pay $7.50 a month for 24 months and send you an Apple TV.

You can use our new TVE feature to pull in cable channels from Spectrum, DirectTV or Philo.

I would not be so quick to dismiss the small antenna you link to. I live 35 miles outside of Nashville and had a 110" boom antenna (like the one being suggested, above) in my attic (about 28' above ground and on a small hill). It worked okay, but then I saw these small antennae and thought I would do some testing. I purchased one for about $30.
I set it up on an old broom handle, secured to a 2x4, in the same attic...and was shocked with the results.
First, I picked up more channels from Nashville and had better signals on all of the channels I was getting on the big antenna, except for one.
Second, I was picking up channels from least 70 miles in the opposite direction. Keep in mind, these are supposed to be directional antennae.

So, I have been using my cheap, 'garbage' or 'junk' as some call it, antenna for the last 2 years, without a hitch. Its big brother is still hanging up there, just not used.

I will check into that, thanks.

Thanks for letting me know.