No play option for recordings

Overnight, I am unable to play any recordings on the Apple TV. I can on the phone though. I have deleted and reloaded the app. Still nothing, any suggestions?

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same problem here. looks like the Channels DVR update that was pushed overnight broke functionality with AppleTV

Same here. The program names are there but there are no individual episodes available. Works fine through the web interface.

I too am having the same issue. On my laptop using the web interface I can see and play all recordings fine. On my apple TV and phone I can see the shows recorded but when selecting one it shows no file to play.

Also when looking in DVR on Apple TV or phone it shows no scheduled recordings although these are still listed in the web interface.

Just confirmed what dehservices reported, 0 scheduled recordings on Apple TV but the server still has them listed.

Also, one episode showed up on Apple TV after I started watching it via the web interface, but I was unable to get it to happen when I tried an episode of a different show.

From another thread: The fix is pending approval at Apple:

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This is being discussed here:

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