Missing recorded/scheduled programs after 3.2.29 iOS update

Channels iOS app is no longer showing previously recorded programs or scheduled recordings after updating to Version 3.2.29 (10/28/2019).

In Channels DVR web interface, both previously recorded and scheduled recordings programs still display/function properly.

DVR server is Freebsd 11.2 based (version 2019.10.29.0031) and is a long established installation.

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Same issue here with the newest stable version 3.2.29 release: No scheduled or previous recordings are shown.

DVR web interface and Channels iOS Beta version 9.28.1628 still correctly show all of Scheduled Recordings and previous recordings, same as my tvOS apps (stable and beta). My Channels DVR Server is running 2019.10.29.0031 on Raspberry Pi.

Thank you.

We're uploading a fix to the App Store for review

UPDATE: v3.2.30 is pending approval by Apple


Thank for the update.

Just curious, how did an update that does not let us watch recorded shows get through the QA process?

I'm relatively new to Channels DVR, but was hoping to finally ditch Tivo for Channels + AppleTV. However, if updates will randomly completely disable the only function I use (watch recorded shows), saddly, I might have to keep the Tivo and cancel my channel subscription.

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My guess is this is all Apple, and their latest round of buggy software releases. Channels has been the most stable platform I’ve used in the nearly 3 years since I made the switch, and their support is best in class.

Channels has been a fantastic Live TV/DVR platform for us for years. It is used by the entire family across multiple devices. Additionally, Channels is extremely responsive if an issue does occur.

Just keep in mind that it still in beta. Hang in there, thats why we are all here to help the developers out on issues to make it better. They are quick to respond and fix issues. When it comes to the apps, they are depended on the app stores to update the apps and push them to our devices. I know your pain. I to am an avid Tivo owner and very frustrated with how thy are handling the OTA repacking. My guides are a mess. Thats why I am a Channels user. I believe in this product and where it will go. Far out-ways Tivo. Hang in there and help us all out making it better.

my guess is this is all Apple, and their latest round of buggy software releases.

That may be a possibility, but the update specifically says it's compatible with tvOS 13.0, which came out a month ago. That is what has me worried. If it was TVOS 13.2 that broke it I'd be more understanding. but the update also fails on tvOS 13.0

Just keep in mind that it still in beta.

What part is beta? I'm not using the testflight on my AppleTV. I downloaded the app from the tvOS app store. It should not be beta.

In my quest to move away from Tivo, I also tried Flex DVR and Amazon's Fire Recast. I selected Channels because it has best interface and overall seemed like a more professional product. Them releasing an update that completely disable viewing recordings has me questioning that choice.

I suspect this is more likely related to the new recorded programs sorting feature released with 3.2.29 and is not Apple related.

I had no Channels-related issues with the latest Apple release and the issue started with the installation of Channels 3.2.29.

I guess I should clarify. TVE is Beta. Channels in the beginning strickly OTA. TVE has been added for a couple of months. Its reliant on the Providers. Yes there are issues with it. But for OTA I have not had any issues with it. I only used Tivo Bolt OTA for the last few years and was happy with it until the Broadcasters repacking. Since then My Program Guide is a mess and most of the channels can't be recorded due to no Title information. So I found Channels, when I bought a WD Cloud Drive. Channels was a feature available and thats how I found this program. It was then only good for OTA til TVE was added. As far update releases I suggest you message the developers directly about it. By the way The FIre TV update works. Apple sucks.


3 of our 4 versions have been approved and released to the App Store. The last one in wait is the original paid SKU for tvOS. It should be reviewed and released within the hour we hope. The reviews are going fast.

This has nothing to do with Apple or tvOS 13. We made a mistake when we submitted the new version for approval and it was the wrong version of the built code. We realized the mistake within hours and had a fix up waiting for review within minutes after that. The rest is us having to wait on App Store reviewers. We wish we could get client releases out as fast as we can get server releases out.

We're sorry for the problems this caused, we don't have a big history of botched releases, but it happens sometimes. Thanks for hanging in there with us. Things should be back to normal within a few hours.

If you use the free SKU on tvOS, you should be able to update right now and things will be back to normal. Thanks to everyone that reached out about this, you guys are crucial to the whole community.


Yep - using original paid SKU for Apple TV. All DVR functions lost.

I realize you don't control Apple's app release process - but is this something that takes hours, days or weeks? Just trying to figure out when to try my Apple TV again.

It shouldn't be but a few more hours at the most. We expedited the app review (we have a limited amount of times we can do this) so that it would get reviewed faster. All of the other SKUs are already reviewed and released. It shouldn't be much longer now.

If you download the free "Channels DVR" SKU from the tvOS App Store right now, you'll be back up and running. It's the same exact app, it just requires you have an active subscription.

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Apple App reviewers don't have HDHomeRuns, nor TVE accounts. They just open the apps and make sure that the buttons and menus work.

Apple App reviewers don't have HDHomeRuns, nor TVE accounts. They just open the apps and make sure that the buttons and menus work.

Apple is not responsible for app QA. They just check to make sure it's following the rules. The developer is always responsible to testing functionality.

It shouldn't be but a few more hours at the most.

The iOS App is available now in the app store and works correctly. I can't try the AppleTV version until I get home tonight, but I'm sure it works too. Thanks!

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The final SKU, the paid tvOS version of Channels, has been approved and released to the App Store. It should be available in a few after it propagates through the store for everyone.

Thanks for everyone's patience on this.