No signal from ABC 7.1 in Los Angeles?

For the past week or so I have gotten some bad recordings of shows on ABC 7.1 so today I decided to rescan channels on my HDHomeRun Quatro and DUAL and neither found ABC 7.1.

Also my TV OTA tuner when selecting ABC 7.1 reports "error no signal" and I bet if I rescan for channels that tuner will also not find ABC 7.1.

My antenna is in my attic and there has been no changes to it or the cable going to my tuners.

I am in Fullerton, Orange County, California and the OTA transmitters are on Mount Wilson.

Using something like shows that the ABC signal is weak, but it has worked in the past, and I do receive CBS, NBC, CWLA, FOX, etc fine.

So, are anyone else having problems receiving ABC 7.1?


No problems here in Riverside but is is the weakest signal as well.

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Thanks, I rescanned tonight and the HDHR tuners found ABC 7.1 7.2 7.3 again so hopefully it will work to record this channel again!

It happened again, no KABC 7.1 when I scanned in the HD HomeRun Setup app, and my TV is showing a very poor reception with mostly noice for KABC 7.1.
Anyone else having problems with the reception of KABC 7.1?

Could be antenna and/or weather related. (Although, I don't think there's presently any real weather, last evening we had rain.) They are one of the few VHF channels, and while 7 may technically be a Hi-VHF channel, it is on the lower end of the spectrum. Most antennas are UHF and some Hi-VHF, but few are also Lo-VHF.

You may want to try retargeting your antenna.

Thanks, I rescanned a couple of days later and it has worked fine since then. One of these days I will get up in my attic and check the splitters to make sure I have the best possible signal.