Nonexistent Release Notes

I am getting frequent Channels DVR beta app updates, but never any release notes. I have absolutely no idea what is being changed, fixed or tested between releases. I am currently on version 2.1.10.beta-v9131759 with an update date of 09/13/2109.

Please take advantage of the ability to provide release notes in the app description. Both Google and Apple should start punishing developers who don’t provide release notes in their app stores.

We write detailed release notes for official builds, which are available on We used to include these on the Play Store, but they have a 500 character limit and most of the time our notes don't fit.

For beta releases we have not been good about writing notes, since things are generally moving quickly and beta uploads to the store happen automatically.

DVR pre-release notes are now being published.

You can read more about it here:

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