New Beta Release Topics

Hey everyone, we're now publishing beta release notes to specific topics as we make beta releases.

If you're in the tvOS/iOS TestFlight beta, you're used to seeing these beta notes come with new builds. Same goes for the Android beta. These notes are now simul-published to these topics on the community.

As a bonus, these notes are pushed to the #beta-changes channel on Discord.

And...something I know a lot of you have been clamoring for, FOR A LONG TIME, we're now pushing release notes for DVR pre-releases!

So go follow the topics and you'll get notified whenever we push builds and you can always see what's changed.



Um, I'm thinking there's a typo perhaps ... s/not/now/

lol, fixed. Boy would that be the ultimate troll.


So now and I have to READ and INSTALL. This is starting to be a lot like work.

Easily outsourced (for a small monthly fee) :grinning:

Yeah. I thought about spinning up a team to install the updates and send me a daily summary of changes. But then there’s training, payroll, local regulatory compliance, language barriers, and whatever else. Work to avoid work. I have enough first world problems already.