Not all content (seasons and episodes) being shown on Android TV

Not all episodes are being displayed under the library for Android Platform

I have recorded 75 episodes of Night Court recorded. When I navigate to the Library menu:

    • On tvOS and iOS all 75 episodes are listed and are playable.
    • On Android TV and Android only one episode shows up.

Here is what I am running:

iOS- Channels DVR 4.1.2

tvOS-Channels 4.1.0

Android Channels DVR 3.0.1

Android TV – Channels DVR 3.0.2

Server version: 2020.09.14.2100

I was thinking perhaps it needs time to load but after 30 minutes there is no change and only one episode is loaded and available.

I tried to restart the app again but get the same results.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thank you

Do they all appear on the DVR web UI?

Are these imported episodes or recordings?

The all appear on the Web UI.

They are not imported but rather recorded natively by DVR Channels.

Could you click Submit Diagnostics from one of the Android devices?

Just sent from my Android TV (NVIDIA Shield TV)

Any news?

The app is reporting a strange network timeout error when it tries to download the list of recordings from your DVR

Did you try rebooting the Android TV already?

It is funny you mention this as a possible issue because I was going to suggest it last post. So here is the deal, Channels DVR is running on my TS 251+ QNAP NAS and I believe in past posts you have one of these beasties as well.

Could it be just overloaded and the requests are timing out?

Here are my load averages.

4 cores / Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J1900 @ 1.99GHz

load averages: 35.45 30.47 32.31


7.67 GB
30.2% free

I failed to answer your question. Yes I did reboot the Android TV as well. The funny thing is that on iOS and tvOS there are no issues. Only Android seems to be having an issue.

Load average of 35 is really bad. It shouldn't go over 4 and ideally stay under 1.

Check the system monitor in QNAP to see what's using the CPU. You may need to reboot the QNAP and disable extra apps on it.

I did disable extra apps on the QNAP NAS and here are the CPU stats.


4 cores / Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J1900 @ 1.99GHz

load averages: 13.16 12.26 12.12

I rebooted the NVIDIA Shield TV and still have the same problem on Android TV.

My understanding is a load average of 4.0 means your 4-core CPU is fully taxed.
13.16 means it can't keep up, i.e. 329% CPU usage.

On my two NAS's with lowly NAS 4-core CPU's, I rarely see more than a load average of 4.0

You may want to follow @tmm1's advice and Check the system monitor in QNAP to see what's using the CPU.

I did and it is the QNAP Cloud service that is doing most of the process hogging. But the QNAP Cloud service is essential as it acts as my Dropbox.

Also why does it work on iOS and TV OS?

Don't know, I use Synology's. If one of their apps was using 329% of my CPU, I would be asking them why.

I upgraded my NAS to the latest firmware and Channels DVR will no longer even start. And now it complains about the application not having a digital signature. Very strange.

I decided to move Channels DVR to a Mac mini 2014. So I installed Channels DVR on the Mac mini but the storage still points to my NAS folder in which all the recorded programs and setup are located. But noticed a few things:

  1. CPU stats are better but thought they would be much better
    Apple Macmini7,1
    10.15.6 (kernel: 19.6.0)

2 cores / Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4578U CPU @ 3.00GHz
load averages: 5.45 12.52 34.22

16.00 GB
47.1% free

  1. Some Managed Series disappeared such as Night Court. On the NAS server a Managed schedule was setup but when I moved it over to the Mac mini (storage location remains the same) the series is gone. Since the storage remains the same I am surprised I don't see all my managed series.

One other thing I noticed, I did have Channels DVR running on my Mac mini previously back in June but moved it to my QNAP NAS. Since I can no longer run it on my QNAP NAS I decided to run the server part back on the Mac mini but point to the Channels DVR folder on the NAS. I would have assumed since all setup info and recording reside in those folders that I would have all recordings available to me. However, I noticed that when I navigate to recordings only shows recorded in June appear!! Obviously I am missing a step.


Thank you for the response.

Unfortunately the Welcome screen never came up as indicated in the document. As stated previously Channels once ran on the mac mini.

Note: If you have already set up your new Channels DVR Server fresh and would like to restore from your migrated data directory, you can get to the Welcome Screen directly by visiting http://SERVER_IP_ADDRESS:8089/welcome .