Not Authorized -- Periodic Issue

FWIW, I see this issue about once a month with FuboTV. Will the fix you've just implemented address Fubo as well?

Yes a similar fix was made for Fubo recently.

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Nice. Thanks!

Just updated to 2020.05.15.0133 and now I am getting a not authorized for BTN, I tried deleting and reinstalling the Cox TVE source and BTN will still not authorize, I can use the Fox Sports app with the same credential and stream BTN just fine, any ideas?

BTN issue is known:

Ok, Thanks, I’ll wait for a fix

Big10 working for me now on YTTV. Didn't work for the past week.

Hi all, I know it has been reported that there is an issue with BTN, but I wanted to add it does not work with a DirecTv login. It works on the website, but comes up as not authorized in channels. Tried rescanning individual channel in website and doesn't fix it. Running latest build 2020.05.20.0521. Thanks for looking into this @tmm1 and others.

Fix for BTN is coming in the next pre-release build.

Same thing with NBCBA /California with YTTV and Dish logins working on websites but not in Channels

And, also NFL Network. I had issues with that one last week.

If you are having issues with a channel, please include the TVE provider that you are having problems with. Also, please go to Settings -> Support -> Submit Diagnostic Logs from your device and let us know when it's been submitted so we can have a better idea of what was going on.

Sent...YTTV and Dish not able to get NBCBA / Calif to authenticate

Just updated to 2020.05.22.2254, and BTN is now working on Spectrum. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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I've been periodically having this issue with MSNBC using Comcast/Xfinity as my provider. I'm currently on 2020.05.25.2131

Submited diagnostics logs as 99b38674-ad14-4b63-b1c5-48236a564628

For the past several days, I have been unable to get ESPN network channels to authorize in TVE. In the logs they are listed as ‘notAuthorized’.

  1. My cable provider is AT&T U-Verse;
  2. I can login to using my cable account info;
  3. I have disabled my Pi-Hole while I deleted and added back my AT&T account info to the Channels TVE sources.

Logs have been submitted as 5c6ff1ce-bea7-4be6-a767-70e2c4a730b3.

Thank you for your assistance.

The issue with Uverse is fixed in the new build v2020.09.30.1607

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Awesome — thank you!

I am having the same problem. So, where do I get v2020.09.30.1607? My install says I have v2020.09.14.2100 and when I click on "Check for Update" it says I am up to date.

Click and hold the “check for update” button to get the pre-release version.