Not getting logon screen with FireTV away from home

We have property that we visit once every couple of months and the TV is setup with ChannelDVR running on FireTV. If we don’t use the TV every day, like not for a month or more, the app times out and you have to logon to ChannelsDVR again to reconnect to your sever back at home. Well, we got to our property yesterday and tried to bring up ChannelsDVR but it won’t give us the logon screen. The app opens fine, we go to settings and click on ChannelsDVR button on the top left of the screen and it does NOT open the logon screen. So we can not go through the logon sequence to connect to our sever back home. I have tried all the other menu choices available on the screen and nothing takes me to the logon screen. What could cause the app not to function properly on FireTV? I can use my iPad and it WILL allow me to logon to my server at home and watch ChannelsDVR. So… what could be my solution to this problem? I tried emptying the cache for the app on FireTV, but that didn’t help. What am I doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Have you tried clearing the data, too?

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How do you clear the data.

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From the Manage Applications screen. It's usually the option below clearing the cache for the app.

Sorry for the silly question, but you are able to watch a Youtube video on that same Firestick without issue, correct?

Are you using the paid app or free app? Could you take a photo of the screen that you're seeing instead of the login screen?

The screen I see is one that asks you to connect your HDHomerun. We have had this ChannelsDVR installed for almost two years and have used it at our property many times in the past. It had always allowed me to get to the login screen and go to the Channels website to login. For some reason, after not using it for 7 months, it won’t allow me to get to the login screen. I can try to take a photo later tonight.

And yes, I can play videos on the FireTV stick. I watched YoutubeTV, Philo, Disney Plus, AppleTV and others.

There was an issue with Amazon app review, so you will need to download and install the other free app "Channels: Whole Home DVR" to connect to your DVR server.

The app I installed a couple years ago was not the free one. Because the FireTV unit was in my brother’s name, we share the family property, I had to pay for it to get it to install. So do I still install a free version?

I had to uninstall the Channels app from FireTV and reinstall it, then it worked. There was no way to force an upgrade of the app through FireTV, so I did the reinstall.

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this is now happening to me
fire stick reset to factory
then restored
then downloaded channels
had issue deleted app
redownloaded app 4.6.3

i’m u able to login to remote server
click the button but nothing happens no screen to input data (username/account)…

any more ideas?

Do you see the ChannelsDVR "Settings" screen after you start the app? If so, click on the ChannelsDVR logo button at the top left of the screen and choose "Away from Home." That should give you instructions, including a URL to go to with a moblie device or your laptop to complete the connection to your home server.

Thanks all it never worked but I downloaded channels dvr (one has purple test patter, one has purple test patter plus play arrow) the one with play arrow worked as it should so I left that there… far as I I know other one still doesn’t work, yes I know how to get to the sign in point “connec to dvr” that’s what’s NOT working not pop up for connect away from home… never goes further than highlight then click to select “connect to dvr” it flashes but nothing ever happened.

Thanks for trying


  • updated fire stick
  • updated channels app
  • removed reinstalled channels
  • reset to factory settings did the above again
  • no joy

Please take a photo of what you're seeing.

You may be clicking the wrong button