Nvidia Shield - Adoptable vs Removable Storage

Nvidia Shield 2017 16GB
Sandisk USB 256GB (Adoptable Storage)
Latest Stable releases

Twice within the last week the Sandisk USB has self-ejected.
I have switched to Removable storage and hope it sticks since I really like Channels DVR.
Should (does) it matter if it is adoptable or removable? Is one preferred over the other?

Adopted storage is encrypted and tied to the SHIELD, so if your shield dies you lose all your recordings.

We recommend removable storage so you can transfer the dvr to another server if needed.

Thank you for the prompt response.
I will let you know if I experience any more ejection issues

I switched from a USB Stick to a USB External Drive.
Channels DVR has been running for two weeks with no issues.
No more USB auto ejects or buffer issues.