Old issue showing up again

Time shifting is acting buggy when a show has been playing for a long period of time. I remember this happening a while back before being fixed. Diagnostics submitted under user "dcleslie" with the problem occurring just before they were submitted.

Acting buggy how?

Skip forward/back being unpredictable, might skip back 30 mins instead of 30 seconds, didn't seem to be any method to it, just unpredictable.

I'm also having an issue where the on screen overlay is not going away and sometimes appears for no reason and remains on screen.

I’ve looked through the logs and see some things that are not what I expected. I’m investigating further to see what’s going on.

Is this only happening on live TV being streamed remotely?

From what I've seen yes, only live streamed remotely.

From what I remember this used to happen when watching a live show for a long period of time (sports for example). I think it had something to do with the m3u deleting old segments after an hour, but I could be wrong.

And when you were seeking, were you just hitting skip back or did you try to seek to a specific position?

Just happened again after watching the Sunday night game, tried seeking with skip and specific. Diagnostics sent.

Where you able to make any progress? I can go back through my conversations with @tmm1 if you need me to bc this is pretty much the same issue we ran into a while back (or at least it seems that way).

Edit: I found this...

This is really helpful. It’ll give me a couple avenues to pursue for what’s going on. I hadn’t been stumped so far and hadn’t been able to reproduce it.

@Jmcguire525: Did you happen to start playing a live channel, kill the app and start playing the channel again quickly?

I'm seeing behavior that doesn't make sense to me and I'm trying to figure out if there's something unusual going on.

I may have at some point but I'm not sure how that is related, can you give me more insight on what you are seeing and what you are looking for?

I haven't tested this as much as I did the first time the issue appeared over a year ago, but my assumption is that the issue only comes up after a live stream has been ongoing for a certain length of time. The logs I submitted were mainly to display the last 30 seconds before submission which is where the issue was appearing.

Edit: Closing the app and resuming was most likely me trying to figure out why the time shift overlay was not dismissing properly

I haven’t been able to reproduce what you’ve described in the latest iOS beta after playing for 12 hours.

Could you try iOS/tvOS beta 2019 (9.17.2259)?

The beta behavior is different but still has issues. Skip back is closer to 2 mins than 7 sec and skipping forward does some weird stuff when it is near live. Diagnostics submitted.

Does this happen in the non-beta tvOS app?

Yes, I switched to the beta to test for @eric. I first noticed it in the non-beta app.

Can you describe what the "weird stuff" is that happen when you're near live?

I can't find any of those instances in the logs where it skipped back 2 minutes instead of 7 seconds. All of the skips I see are in the 5-7 second range.

We're still trying to brainstorm what could be going on to cause you these issues. The next time this happens would you be able to take a video of it happening? It could help me understand what sort of weird stuff you're experiencing.

It was showing on the timeline that each skip was ~2min, and it only took about 15 skips back to go ~30min back.

Pausing and moving to live would not start playback, no buffer animation or anything just a frozen picture on the screen. If I moved just before live it would play and the progress bar would show I was ~1min behind. Skipping forward at that point would usually result in it skipping backward about 1 sec.

I'll get a video of it next time I run into that, it's not easy to test since it requires over an hour of live playback and I usually only do that when watching sports.

@eric look at the log I just submitted. Skip back 7 seconds worked fine a few times then randomly jumped back 30mins, I then moved back to live and skip back only goes back a fraction of a second no matter how many times I press it.

How many hours had you been watching when this happened? Definitely more than 2?

Did you do something with the AppleTV about an hour before you started seeking?

Are multiple people in your household watching the same channel on different devices at the same time?

Do you regularly hit the home button and come back into the app while viewing live TV?

Do you use Siri while watching live TV?

I'm continuing to see things in the logs that don't line up with how everything should work and are things that I have been unable to replicate in my own environment. There's something very special that's happening and it makes it more confusing that it happens to you so regularly and yet I am unable to come up with the same circumstances to make it happen.

  1. About 1 1/2 hr
  2. Other than maybe pausing earlier I did nothing out of the ordinary
  3. Multiple people are watching this event at the same quality, but I doubt that was the case on others
  4. I hardly ever go home and come right back to live. I do go back to the guide and then live again from time to time
  5. Never use siri

Streaming is done remotely at original quality on an Apple TV 4k. I haven't noticed anything odd happening until after the 1 hour mark. Tonight's game is being watched remotely by another user and should be at the same quality, but I don't believe that was the case with previous behavior.