On Later coming to Android TV?

It seems like this has been in the works for a long time?

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From the post announcing the "New and Improved On Later" (emphasis added):


On Later is finally in the app! As usual, it's in the tvOS/iOS version first, but it will come to Android soon.

(As usual, new features are delivered to Apple clients first, with Android following up with parity at a later date. The delay is because the code must be ported over; the Apple and Android clients do not share a unified codebase.)

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Feature was introduced Aug 2021.

Its reasonable for comunity to ask if there is a delay, technical hurdle, or abandon idea.

Its also reasonable for devs to remain silent and ignore us.

@eric Will you ask @maddox whats up with this feature.

Yes it will be coming to Android. We don't have an ETA yet.

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Thank you @tmm1 sometimes as a community we get impatient.

How about now?


I keep wandering too. . .

I've been reviewing Channels again, and found the Apple TV has the On Later feature. Really nice....

Any ETA yet?

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Im glad people keep reviving this thread. I have a theory. There has to be some technical problem with porting that part of code to android. Most features follow android about 1-3months after ios release. But not this feature. This one is stubborn. Its now been 13 months.

When it's ready you will hear about it here


Alright, you can try it out now:


yip yip hooray

Very nice, it is really a great feature. Noticed in the On Tonight page that the movie graphics are a little oversized, but that is just a little nitpick.

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Did you try playing a recording from up next mine is not working with this release.

Awesome!! Been looking forward to this coming to Android!

Another issue I'm seeing on v2022.09.28.2205 with a Fire TV Stick 4K: after opening any of the "More" sections, the tiles cannot be opened and do not show as selected (except for the first tile).

Great job!

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Fix uploading for the More screen issues

I'm still seeing this issue with "More" views on v2022.09.29.0228.

Selection is also broken in some of the other places that still use the "classic" grid layout (smaller tiles and opaque label backgrounds) for movies and episodes:

  • Library top-level tab > [Up Next / Recently Added Movies] > More
  • TV Shows top-level tab > Recently [Aired / Watched] Episodes > More
  • Movies top-level tab > [any section] > More
    • Similarly: entire Movies top-level tab when Enhanced Library is disabled*
  • Any opened movie collection

*After I re-enabled Enhanced Library and navigated for a few seconds in the Movies tab, the app crashed, so I sent diagnostics.

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Hmm I tested Up Next and it was working. And @Edwin_Perez said it was fixed. Are you sure you're testing the beta?

Yes. v2022.09.29.0228 on a Fire TV Stick 4K.

Crash diagnostics mentioned above were under 86a9e0dd-2c97-45ce-8813-c8478b0e9d83.