"On Later" vs Search Tabs from WebUI


What is the search criteria for the Search tab vs the "On Later" tab. When I look in the search tab it only seems to pull from my OTA stuff and not TVE. But On Later is pulling from both.

I like the option to in the search to see new upcoming shows vs all upcoming shows. This helps me find season premiers and setup passes. But if it does not include TVE then I am missing a lot of shows.


On Later should look at everything. Do you have any TVE channels favorited in the DVR?


I don't have any TVE Channels favorited. If I favorite some channels in TVE would they should up in the Search Tab. Specifically, "New Shows/Seasons" and Upcoming Movies?




Anyone know why I'm getting these duplicates in the Search New Shows/Seasons tab?

It wasn't like this before the TVE Beta started and not sure which pre-release version it started displaying like this. I haven't changed my favorited channels and have no TVE channels favorited.


If you click on each of the dupes, do they take you to the same URL?


Yes, all the dups have the same url.

Not sure why these 5 aren't duped, haven't figured it out yet.

Edit to add: May be a good FAQ article to post, but it's very confusing about setting favorites on HDHR's setup program vs. the HDHR device web UI vs. the Channels DVR web UI device pencil icon, vs. the Channels DVR web UI #channels edit, vs. on the multiple Channels Clients... and then multiply that by multiple HDHR tuners and clients... Speaking for myself, I'm not sure what Favorites are used for besides a preference of which channel to record from and what displays in the Search tab of the Channels DVR web UI.


The dupes I have all have a regular broadcast channel and a TVE channel. The none dupes seem to have only regular broadcast (or only TVE)


Without going through all mine I can say for certain that Grantchester on Masterpiece is only available on my HDHR Prime (on local PBS) and not available from any channels I get on my TVE device.
I only have two devices on my Channels DVR.

  1. HDHR Prime - Comcast (Xfinity)
  2. TVE - Comcast (Xfinity)

But you may be onto something there. The ones I have that aren't duped are only available from my Prime and not on any TVE channels I have. The only outlier is that Grantchester one.

I remembered seeing something similar posted and found it. It may be related to having more than one device setup in Channels DVR...


I have Grantchester also on my list...but no dupe for it in the list

Edit: Several others in your list are on mine, but not duped


Try running it again


Not sure what you mean by 'Try running it again' ?
These dupes I do have are caused by the same shows being available on both my devices.
I get Sprout (now called PBS Kids) and Discovery on both my HDHR Prime and TVE-Xfinity, so I get these shows on both devices.
Sprout/PBS Kids - Molly of Denali
Discovery - Aaron Needs a Job

Anyway, if they're the same show, they should not duplicate here in the Search New Shows/Seasons Tab of the Channels DVR web UI. Haven't checked any of my iOS clients yet...


I fixed mine by setting both of my hdhomerun devices on the same zip code for the guide data (you have press the trash button the device on the settings page to re-add it to change it). Then no more duplicates appeared.


The dups are definitely caused by multiple devices.
I removed my TVE device and the dups went away.
I added the TVE device back and the dups returned.


This is pretty strange.

I just did a quick test.. I have ESPN both on TVE and via my HDHR. When I search for SportsCenter, I get only one result. When I click into it, the airings show both channel numbers.

Are you seeing the same channel numbers on both results?


Okay never mind I see the bug. It doesn't affect search, only the New Shows/Seasons. Will be fixed in next build.


Build with fix is now ready.


Thanks, 2019.07.12.0039 fixed it!