On Now channel bar not always updated

The On Now, "Channel" bar thing on the Android TV home screen...

I notice that, after a while of inactivity, not using the Channels app, or using other apps, and i just go back to the ATV home screen, that On Now bar list of programs is not updated, and when i open one, it is just a black screen. Backout, open the channels app and it refreshes to current programing.

Really woudl like the On now bar to stay updated, like refresh every time the home screen launches, as that is very useful to me to quick see what is on, with out having to load the full app and go to on now page.

Dont care how often it pings the server, if that is a concern. I mention this, cause, Emby, i use for my iptv content, and i requested of them the same On Now home screen channel feature, but the devs said no, they do not want the app to be pinging the dvr server all the time (or that users would complain about that) which is stupid, dvr server is always on, on power line, its job is to sever things.... so....yea.

This sounds a lot like the issue I posted last fall: Home Screen Channel not updating

I've occasionally seen opening one of the outdated programs resulting in a black screen like you've described.

Not sure why i did not see that thread...maybe cause i was searching for "On Now" specificity. ..

Anyway, yea, it is really annoying, since i discovered this feature, freaking love it....cause i very often just exit to home screen, and then turn off my Shield(well it sleeps). then when i turn it back on, bam, what is on tv is just right there, super quick easy, convient.
But, quickly learned that its not updated, so it then is useless, until i open the channels app.