On Now Channels Collection behavior

On Android TV and Fire TV, the On Now Channels Collection bar at the top of the screen goes behind the channel graphics when you move down the page which wouldn't necessarily be a real bad thing, but if you move up the page too fast the bar is selected even though it is mostly invisible. It is somewhat annoying. Even if i hide the Channels Collection bar, it still tries to select it when you move up the page too fast.

If you can share a photo of this that would be helpful

Now you see it:

Now you don't:

But it is still lurking in back. If you scroll down say 10 places, then scroll up as fast as possible, it will attach to the hidden bar and stop scrolling up. You can't really tell that the bar has been selected.

Thanks. What devices and android OS versions is this happening on?

It happens on the following, and I believe I have the current prelease Channels on all these devices
Nvidia Shield Pro updated today to version 9.0.1.
Fire TV Stick 4K Max Fire OS
Sony Bravia 4K VH2 Google TV Android TV OS version 10

Also, I think it would be very helpful if the On Now page selected channel would turn the purple to the highlight purple. The increase size of the selected channel graphic doesn't stand out enough.


I fixed the glitches in the latest beta. We are also releasing v4.2.1 with the fix.

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Just updated to the latest Beta, Working perfectly for me now. Thanks, you really have the best OTA DVR software along with the best customer support.

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