On Patrol: Live coming to Reelz July 2022

This was mentioned in a different thread, but fits perfectly in this category. I actually bumped up my Spectrum package to get Reelz for this.

On Patrol: Live

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too bad Reelz stream is SO bad quality.
I have never seen such a poor quality "HD" stream ever. I have SD channels that look better.

is it any better via cable card or elsewhere?
It appears to be the same low quality on the Xfinity Stream app.

I guess no big networks wanted to take on such a program again...A&E a major network. but at least their stream was pretty good quality.

My Xfinity cablecard Reelz channel is in SD (528x480i interlaced @ 29.97fps), so the TVE feed at 1280x720p @ 59.94fps looks better to me.

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Tonight's episode, the audio goes of of sync about 40 min in.....

I am sure it looks awesome on a 28” 2004 HDTV. Lol. But it is not looking too great on my 50” 2021 4k. I figured the in the field wireless live stream footage might not look all too hot from time to time. But even the studio stream is very disappointing.