One client watching four tuners

Client is a Fire Stick Max, tuners are HDhomerun Primes. Shouldn't this be impossible?

Is it a local or remote client? What version of Channels is running on there?

Based on three of them showing buf=100% drop=100% it appears to have not closed those three connections.

Should be easy to tell by looking at the tuner system log.

Local client on v4.6.1

I'm not sure what I'm looking for so I checked the logs for the most recent messages about the 100% drop channels. This is what I found:
20230423-06:37:57 CableCARD: tuner2 671 HSTRYHP (auto:369MHz-3) access = subscribed
20230423-06:37:57 CableCARD: tuner0 670 AETVHDP (auto:369MHz-5) access = subscribed
20230423-07:01:37 CableCARD: tuner0 672 USAHDP (auto:225MHz-8) access = subscribed
I see that the two timestamps are identical, as is the frequency. I have no idea what that means though.

I'll see if I can remember to reboot everything tonight. See if it reoccurs.

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What I meant was your screenshot shows 4 channels (30, 670, 671 and 672) being watched.
You would have to examine the tuner log to see what IP address opened the channels for streaming, when they opened them, on which tuner number (0, 1 or 2) and when they closed them.

The IP addresses in the tuner log tells you which device (DVR, client) opened the channels for streaming.

You have to examine for each tuner number (0, 1 and 2) listed to see when they were opened and closed.

The timestamps in an HDHR tuner log are in UTC time.

I'm pretty sure there is minimal, if any, logging of clients with tuner sharing enabled using the DVR to watch Live TV from an HDHR in the Channels DVR log.

Yeah, minimal logging with tuner sharing enabled and watching live TV. It did clear itself overnight though (without assistance from any reboots), my guess is when the stick went to sleep. I'll watch for it happening again.

Happening again with the same client. SHOPHQ is dropping 100% while the client is also watching but not dropping KINGDT.