Original Air Date in Guide View

I've searched and found a few FR's for Original Air Date so I'm not quite sure if this is a duplicate request.

In the Guide / Grid View for FireTV please add air date information. I'm assuming that Gracenote provides the metadata in the stream?


For recordings, this info is presented after the Season/Episode information. However, I agree it would be nice to see in the info window of the guide. (Perhaps even in the same position.)

Edit: I was mistaken. This info is in the Details modal on Apple clients, but it is not present on Android clients. As previously mentioned, it is only present on Android for recordings.

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It would be great to have this appear when browsing the guide for shows. As it stands, if the user browses the guide and selects a program, there is no way to know if it's a couple months old or a few decades old.

Not true. If the user opens the Detail modal (the dialog that pops up with the Watch/Record options, etc.) the OAD is listed under the episode title, immediately following the season/episode number.

That's why this FR is for the OAD on the grid without needing to open modals.

It wasn't clear from the OP that the request was for the additional information to be present in the small description section at the top of the guide screen. I read the request to make the information available, not necessarily omnipresent.

Perhaps the OP can be edited to be more explicit.

I don't use FireStick devices anymore so I wouldn't be able to verify anything.

Edit: Your comment in Dec 19 seems to indicate you understood the FR at that time?

I'll have to amend my previous comment. I just re-checked, and the Android version does not make this information available through the Guide screen, even in the Details modal; as I mentioned in my first response, the info is available only for recordings, not present or future airings.

(The Apple clients expose this in the Details modal, but the Android clients do not. This is still lacking in the Android clients.)


So anyways, it would be really great to have the air date available in Android. Thank you.

This inconsistency has been fixed for the next Android beta build.

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Thank you.

The latest 27 Aug beta does not include OAD in the Details modal.

Included in v8.27.2129