Page ahead in Guide

I have been running Channels for about 3 weeks now on a NAS with 3 Az Firesticks. Just fantastic software. Love the new features in beta.

I've been looking for a way to page ahead or "skip ahead" features in the guide. Does this feature exist?

Very possible I just haven't found it yet.


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No way to do this at the moment. Perhaps we can use the << and >> keys on the FireTV remote to trigger paging.

Thus would be a nice feature to add if possible.


Yes please! On Apple TV as well if at alll possible. Could you use press and hold on side or double click on side of Siri remote for this?

Even just onscreen buttons for “+24hrs” and “-24hrs” would be so useful!

I came here looking for the same thing. It would be great if the << and >> keys skipped a day or 12hrs at a time!

That's one of the very few improvements I would REALLY like to see,
<< and >> skip a day at a time in Guide
maybe 12 hrs or 24 hrs in Settings.
Otherwise my next most wanted improvement is to make the Youtube TV source simply work smoothly like the other sources.
I have been wanting to switch from my Cable provider to YTTV But it just looks too problematic to switch at this time.
I like the Channels DVR interface, m3u export to TiviMate, Commercial Skip, Favs by client, Channel Collections, etc
and I would likely use Channels DVR to watch YTTV.