Parental Controls

Now that we are able to add more content, and my children are getting more adept to using a remote/Channels, I was wondering if there were thoughts on restricting access or allowing a passcode to play content above a certain rating as set by the user. Or is there any way to integrate content restrictions currently on the Apple TV and have it apply to Channels content as well? I realize it was brought up in the past, but wanted to see if there was any renewed interest now that we have PlayOn/lmports available.

Thanks much!

While there is no content restrictions ability right now, there IS a way to break your library of content up into your library and your kids' library.

You can set if a show or movie should be in the library, kids section, or both. Then at least your kid has their own section to choose things from and won't accidentally start up the wrong thing.

You can learn more here:

Any chance we could default the app to launch on the kids section and then require a passcode to navigate to the rest of the app? Just another suggestion, totally understand if it's not a priority now.

That's probably not a UX flow that we'd incorporate, but we are considering server side settings that force specific clients into kids only mode. So when they're opened, the only content that is show is things from the kids section.

Very cool solution - looking forward to hearing more about it and testing it in the future if it becomes available!