Beta - tvOS/iOS - Kids Only Mode

Kids Only Mode lets you lock the app down to show only content that you've already set for your Kids Section. Utilizing the Library Visibility feature, once you've set content to only show in Kids or Both, setting Kids Only Mode to on can give your kids the full app experience for just their content.

When Kids Only Mode is enabled, rather than showing just a single section for Kids, the whole app is populated by kids content. The Movies and TV Shows sections are enabled, but are only populated with the content you marked for kids.

Live TV is in on the action too. While you have the option to turn off the On Now and Guide sections, if you keep them on, they'll be limited to just the Kids filter with no way to adjust them.

What setting Kids Only Mode will do to the app

  • Lock the Movies and TV Shows sections to be on, populated only by kids content
  • Genre and Decades browsing works for just kids content
  • On Now and Guide are locked to the Kids filter
  • Record buttons are disabled

Other ways to customize the app for kids

If you want to also hide Trash buttons or the Settings section, you can do so with their individual settings.

And with Server Side Settings, you can do this per client from the server to have the app locked down without them being able to change it. Now you can have Kids specific devices running Channels.

This feature touched a lot of parts of the app, so even if you aren't using this mode, please report anything funny you might see.


THIS is a great feature. Thank you guys so much!

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great job! on the live tv thing, does it only show kids specific linear channels or does it change when a "kids" show is currently airing.

for example, lets say nbc on the weekends shows saturday morning cartoons, will nbc populate during the bloc? and disappear when news comes on? hope it makes sense.

Correct. It functions just like the Kids filter works now.

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Awesome. Thanks.

This new update is fantastic!

Specifically the option to hide the guide categories!

Thanks guys!!!


Am just wondering for those using this, when you want to switch between kids mode and normal mode, how are you putting that in the workflow ?

That must be a common scenario.

Docs were written up for this:

This feature has shipped everyone. Thanks so much for the help! I'm gonna close this topic. Please open any bugs in new topics.