Pass Not Scheduling Even With "All Episodes" Option

Why would it not record? I've even switched EPG providers to no avail. Pass is set to record all episodes and it shows nothing scheduled at all. Frustrating paying $100 a year specifically for a DVR and it not work.

Welcome to the community, but I'm sorry to hear you're having issues.

Perhaps if you shared some details about your setup, we might be able to help. For starters:

  • Which source are you attempting to record from?
  • When you look at the pass, what does it look like?
  • Are there any relevant logs (Troubleshooting > Logs) around the time it was supposed to record that may shed some light on this?

We are basically all just other users here, so we don't really know what your setup is like. All the information we have to help you is what you share; the more information you share, the more targeted the help can be ... otherwise, all we can offer are just wild guesses.

Server is a docker on a home server (Unraid). Recording from IPTV source.

I don't understand "what does it look like?" It's the show title and options, for which I set all episodes.

There's no "supposed to record" as the pass never schedules any recordings. I create the pass directly from the show in the guide and mark all episodes and none get scheduled. It's not just not recording, it's not even scheduling.

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Could be bad guide data from the iptv source.
When you look at a pass in advanced view it has a Matches tab that displays what the pass sees in the guide to record. Does your pass show any airings in that Matches tab?

Is it using a SeriesID, Title CONTAINS, or what???

You're using an IPTV provider via the Custom Channels feature, and I assume using their EPG. IPTV provider EPG is notoriously bad, usually not compatible with Channels, and isn't technically supported by the app. Channels support covers real supported sources like HDHomeRun tuners and TV Everywhere providers.

IPTV EPG usually has no unique IDs to identify episodes like Channels requires. Though you CAN make it work! I'd suggest instead of using their EPG, you map your channels directly to the EPG that Channels works with and supports.

Stop using your XMLTV EPG in your Custom Channels source and use the Manage Channels action to use the editor to search for and map your channels to real channels. This will get you using the guide data provided by Channels, and your experience will be much better as you'll be using native data that the application expects.

Once you've mapped all your channels, find the Re-Download Entire Guide option under Guide Database in Settings, to have all of your guide data downloaded for your newly mapped channels.

Yes it shows matches but thinks they've been recorded. I thought this was an EPG issue and have tried multiple options via 3rd party EPG data. @chDVRuser

@maddox where is the "Manage Channels action" located? Thank you!

Typical of guide data that doesn't have unique identifiers for each episode. Channels DVR probably thinks they're all the same episode.

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In the DVR web admin UI. Here's an example. You can search by callsign or channel name
If you search by channel name, put it in double quotes, like "fubo sports"

I actually suspected this and have used multiple EPS sources and editors to no avail. At one point I had an option to add the date to each title but then the pass was date specific. Just trying to get daily stuff recorded. It worked for months then quit.

Thanks but I don't see that. Under DVR I have >>> Passes, Schedule, Calendar, and Manage Options. Under Manage there's nothing about channels.

Like the post I linked to says, it's Settings > Sources

I see now I have to remove my XML so it leaves the mappings open.