Photo Slideshow?

Hopefully this isn't already available and I missed it - any chance to create a channel that shows photos/jpegs from a folder - maybe a screensaver type channel? We have a digital frame but if I could select a channel in the app that generates a slideshow of photos that would be pretty cool for gatherings/parties/etc.


I agree this would be a feature I would use. It would be nice to set up a custom source pointed to a picture folder

Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV all have screensavers that allow you select a folder for a slideshow, as well as the ability to activate the screensaver on demand.

Im trying to justify a reason Channels DVR must have this feature. It sounds cool. But ummm. . . I never bother setting it up on android or windows. So I probably won't set it up on here either.

So I know why we need it on channels. It encourages me to stop force closing the app. I cant turn off TV if there is a slideshow of my favorite person, ME!

@Maddox while we are talking about photos. I would love to just have photo gallery as one of the imported media catagories. I brought it up a long time ago. It got shot down. But maybe things have changed.

We’ll never do photos or music.

This is a promise we’ve always made that I know has comforted people. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I've heard the event horizon around the mysterious plex-black-hole is very powerful


I chuckled.