PIP feature request

Hi, loving the new PIP feature, but it would be great if it felt more like a traditional cable guide experience. I think how that would work is:

  • Pick a channel from the guide and it plays full screen
  • Press the Menu button to return to the guide. Instead of closing the video entirely, it moves to PIP
  • Pick a new channel from the guide, and it switches to that channel and returns to full screen

This would save a few clicks and swipes and I think it's pretty intuitive. I'd love it if it could at least be an option. Thanks!


...plus an option to return to full screen if you don't switch to another channel.

We actually have an experimental flow that works like that.

The only problem is, we have NO control over the PIP window. We can't create any flows to return it to full screen. You have to use the PIP controls, which includes using the TV button on the Apple TV remote to focus the PIP window and choose the full screen option.

This alone feels real rough, and it's why we shipped it without that functionality.

We can turn it on in a beta and you can try it out. But I think you'll find it incredibly frustrating and confusing to the rest of the family.

Since you guys are manually going to PIP to create this flow, you probably understand what I mean.


Thanks for the response. That sucks, but sounds on-brand for Apple.

I notice Plex now has some free live TV channels, kind of a stripped-down Pluto, and when you hit the menu button it goes into picture-in-picture--not the "official" Apple picture-in-picture, of course, it's limited to the top-right of the guide, but it's what I'm looking for in Channels. I assume that's a taller order to develop however!

This would be what I’ve wanted for a long time. Can’t stand that the video player closes when you go to the guide. Been playing with the pip, but just like the op, would love the ability to have it do it automatically. Even without pip it should be able to be implemented. Op show plex doing it.

Is it possible to add a keyboard shortcut that does what the PIP controls do with the Apple TV, for those of us using an Android device (and a Harmony hub remote)?

On Android that is the "P" key.

All that does is put the PIP in the bottom right corner. I was under the impression that on the Apple TV devices, the TV button adds other options?

These PIP features are provided by the system. They work like the operating system designed them to work. We can’t add to them.

Thanks. Can you tell me specifically what additional PIP options are added with the Apple TV button? Or provide a link to the answer...

There’s nothing particularly added. It’s just how the Apple TV system works. Once a pip window is created, you have to use the TV button on the remote to focus it. From there you can pause, exit, or go back to full screen.

Go back to full screen is what is needed with the firestick. Thanks again for all the help and info.

We're testing some improvements for PIP on Apple TV, to better integrate with Harmony and allow easier ways to start/stop PIP.

Please try the new TestFlight build and provide your feedback here: BETA: PIP on Apple TV improvements (TestFlight)


This is also what I had in mind for PIP. The Apple variety of PIP isn’t all that useful. It got annoying having to select the buttons to go back to full screen, so I just turned the feature off completely again.