PiP on IOS 15 Not working

Since moving to IOS 15, PiP no longer working for me.

I’ve just been informed of the following. Thank you Aman.

To use PiP on iOS 15, you would need to open the Channels app settings and change Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder: Experimental


Thanks for posting this answer. iOS 15 has been out for a long time. I’m surprised the support documentation doesn’t cover this.




I know this seems like a nag, but it's def. a disconnect between experimental being "we're not sure what this does" and "you need this to enable a core product function."

In the latest TestFlight beta PIP will work regardless of the Video Driver selected.

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Thank you for highlighting this as PIP used to work fine in the standard build/video decoder when it was originally released and announced.

Just a followup here that PiP on iPadOS is still partially broken.

Considering the following chain of events:

  • we start with content that OTA broadcast at 480i (not 1080i, this is old NTSC stuff broadcast on the various secondary digital channels

  • that plays fine in full screen

  • deinterlacer is "experimental" as is "video driver"

  • now hit the PiP button and get quarter screen, but still with the Channels app as foreground app. Still looks good, still displays correctly, still (if you have the Stats up) shows the Stats in small text on the left side of the image.

  • now switch to another app (eg Springboard)
    At this point things go horribly wrong. The precise going wrong can happen in multiple ways but the common feature is that we keep alternating between two frozen images so we get a strobelight effect, rather than the video moving forward. Audio is fine. Sometimes one of the frozen images will be a flat green image, though it's usually one of the two "content" images. Sometimes the Statistics text will disappear, sometimes not.

In a way this is a more extreme version (480i version) of the problem that I think occurs for every format, namely that closed captioning does not update under these same circumances -- captions are fine at full screen, fine at PiP with Channels foreground, frozen and unchanging with Channels in the background but PiP playing. It's like something is wrong with your compositing engine in a subtle way that only manifests when Channels is playing but is not the foreground app.