PIP or Grid (Mini Grid) Overlay


Think you could build in a PIP or a Mini Grid that can be overlaid on the Guide so that we don’t have to navigate away from a current Live channel in order to see what else is on? Google’s Live Channels app does this by overlaying the guide on the currently-viewed channel.

I also thought a Mini Grid might be a great option, as some cable systems do, where they overlay a small 5-channel grid that can be navigated while watching a current program.

Great app and thanks!


You can click the down button on the remote to access your favorites guide inside the video player.

Right…I use that often :slight_smile: I was thinking more in the way of being able to browse all channels and not just those marked as “Favorites”.

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I’d love to see PIP or perhaps video continuing to play in the background with a semi-transparent foreground. My use case is this: I’m watching live TV and a trailer comes on for a new program / series. I want to set that to record before I forget about it but the program I want to watch is just about to start so I don’t want to stop live TV to do it and then have to navigate back to the channel I was watching again afterwards. Finding the trailed program typically several days or a week out from now in the guide to set the recording is relatively easy to do in the main guide view (though would be a lot easier if there was a ‘scroll forward one day’ button in the guide view) but nigh on impossible to do in the mini-guide view currently available in video player.

Thanks for considering!


I’d also like to see this. It’s nice to keep your live tv cache while still being able to view what programs are coming up. If I exit back to guide, I lose my cache to rewind or fast forward. Live Channels does a good job of this with the semi transparent guide. And as others have said, a mini PIP would also work well. This would make scheduling upcoming shows much easier. Just my 2 cents.


PIP is a major feature you get with a cable provider! now you have DVR the only real quality feature left is PIP!

+1 I'd also like to see the full guide available while watching a show. Not sure if that requires PIP or not. I do like that I can use the down button to scroll as a work around.

I completely agree with this feature request. A very functional feature of having a miniguide is being able to browser the guide in grid format for not only your favs but your entire tv guide without missing a beat on what your currently watching. Great idea and hopefully its something getchannels considers.

Last channel recall is offered by double-pressing Play/Pause.

Also with a single button if you have a Flirc USB IR receiver and you teach it.

I too would like this feature

It's a native feature in Aero Android 8. Google Channels and Plex support it, and you can browse other apps as well while I'm PIP. Would be an awesome feature on the TV and phone/tablet app.